Need some help deciding


New to kayaking but not new to canoeing or fishing.

I have an OT Guide 147 Canoe that works great for my typical slow river fishing float trips when I am with my wife or brother but not when alone. That canoe is too much for me to handle by myself when trying to load, unload, etc.

I want a small (10’) kayak.

I am considering the following three:

  1. Old Town Otter XT ($319)

  2. Swifty ($300)

  3. Wilderness SYstems Pamlico ($349)

    I am 5’8 and 200 lbs.

    Considering all three seem to be similar, which is my best bet?

    Slow rivers and lakes. No overnite trips. Just wanting something to fish out of. Looking for very stable. Don’t need to be fast because most of my fishing is just drift fishing.


Out of those three
I would choose the Pamlico also. Weight may be an issue with you and some fishing gear though. A slightly longer boat would be better in my opinion. If you get a Pamlico it would be worth adding the optional rear bulkhead.

3 out of 3
for the Pamlico. My wife and I both have the Pamlico 100 and found them to be very stable, well tracking and a good platform for fishing. The hull design also allows us to get into and out of places easily.

I do the loading most of the time and can easily do it alone.

At some point within the next year I will be looking for a QCC, but will still keep the Pamlico for the reasons above.

If weight is the big issue, why not get an Old Town Pack, which weighs all of 33 lbs. and has all the advantages of a canoe.

I’d be tempted to hold off
and save up for a used SOT in the 12 foot range. You might find a Tarpon or a Manta Ray in the $500 range.

Fishing out of a Sit In kayak can be done, but if you’re coming from a canoe, the SOT will feel much more natural.


Hey! That’s what I was gonna say.
I vote used Tarpon, Manta Ray, Heritage Redfish.

Good luck!