Need some help rolling

I live in Madison, WI and was wondering if someone is interested in helping me this winter fine-tune my roll. I almost have it just need some practice and pointers on how to improve. I believe we could practice at the UW natatorium or I could try to find another pool that’s available. I’m willing to drive outside of Madison if you know of another place that has a pool available. Also, I want to pay you for your time. Thanks!

Too far
Away to help in person, but something I was always told to remember is the hip snap. I had an instructor that could roll without a paddle, (bombproof) he would always say it’s all in the hips. Practice leaning past the tipping point then snap back. Go a little further each time and try to recover with just the hip snap. Then add the brace and just practice.

Rutabaga is giving winter classes

You might ask at the store if there is a group in Madison that does winter pool sessions that are not part of their classes too, I suspect there is a paddling club in town.

Get Video
As with others, I’m nowhere close to you but do have some advice that may be helpful.

After 2 or 3 years of floundering and hit-and-miss rolling I finally figured it out this spring. Since then I haven’t had to bail yet, though every few times I rush it and need a second try.

What sealed it? Video. It turns out what I thought I was doing wasn’t. The video really helped to pull together what was happening above water with what I perceived under water and upside down.

Now, you say that you just about have it and I have to trust that you’ve taken progressive steps to get there rather than just go right to the roll. That said, if you just need to pull everything together just about anyone can take video and give you tips if you tell them what to look for.

kayak technique
I’ll look into it. thanks so much

That’s a great idea, thanks : )

hip snap
yeah, sometimes I’m thinking about my head and paddle and forget my hips lol. I saw a video yesterday of a former olympic kayaker who doesn’t use his hips or paddle. Forgot his name. He says he just sits up and twists his torso to the back and right and that is enough to roll. Very interesting!