Need some outfitting help

I just bought a necky zoar sport lv, now i need to get it ready to be fished out of. i bought this boat as a ‘do it all’ type of boat, so i dont really want to make it into a fishing boat, i just want to be able to fish effectively.

The first thing i think i will need is a rod holder, i dont know what is all involved in installing one of these, but i just want something that wont ruin the boat. i also think i could use an anchor, can somebody with a boat similar to this help me? what are some products you would recommend (cheaper the better)

What I did
I’m not familiar with you yak, but I rigged mt SOT Tarpon for all out fishing, and after doing so I used some of that experience to add a rod holder to my Tsunami sit-in.

I mounted a single rod holder (Scotty brand deck mount) centered on the deck in front of the cockpit. I can use that mount for a single rodholder, a GPS holder, or a Scotty “tree” that accomodates 3 rod holders, or 3 of anything! Scotty makes a flush mount that is less bulky, but requires a larger hole to mount.

You could always rig up a milk crate, resting behind the cockpit, with rodholders mounted to it, and held in place by bungies or deck rigging. My Tsunami as more than enough room in the cockpit for tackle box trays and such.

I installed hatch keeper deck rigging bungies on my Tsunami…so I can easily keep 2 rods on the bow deck, easily reached while sitting.

I haven’t had the need for an anchor yet, but I can see it coming. After talking to some serious yak fishers…I’ll definately go with an anchor trolly rig that allows you to have the anchor point on the boat virtually anwhere, and adjust it from the cockpit.

Rig, fish, enjoy!


Just saw the boat…did you get the rudder? I don’t have one on either of my fishing yaks, but I wish I did. You can control the yak position while drift fishing with the rudder.


Deck rigging and rod holder
Adding a rod holder or two, I highly recommend the Scotty brand, and some deck rigging to be able to slide Plano 3600 or 3700 size boxes under will do pretty much all you need. Under $30 and probably not much more than an hour’s effort required.

  • Big D

i did get the rudder, ive only been out on the water 3 times, so i am very much a newbie. id probably be very frusturated if it werent for that rudder the first outting or two.

i have deck rigging, i have covered trays that slide out of my tackle box, this works perfectly under the deck rigging.

i mostly want to go for panfish, but my last light action pole got busted, the only other pole i have is a medium ugly stick, im not the type of fisher looking for records or anything, mostly just panfish catch and release (i seem to rarely catch anything big enough to keep).

i just want to be able to hang up the rod if i need to paddle, i was thinking about a flush mount since i am not using this boat as a strict fishing boat, but i dont know about cutting a big hole either.

Scotty rod holders, if using the regular
base mounts, are easy to install, just drill small holes, use stainless bolts and nuts to install. All my scotty’s are on flush mount bases. I carry my Loon upside down, the regular base mounts get in the way during loading.

Don’t worry about the hole
The rod holder fills it. Put some clear silicon caulking between the flange of the rod holder and the kayak hull and you’ll be fine.

I’d still recommend the Scotty rod-holder. If you’re talking about the big “flush mount” rod holder that the rod handle sticks down into, if you will be paddling in any area with overhanging branches, those are bad ideas. With the Scotty rod-holders, you can adjust the angle of the rod in the holder. Very convenient.

Also, I would recommend against the Berkeley rod holders. Every rod I have seen lost from a kayak on the river has been in a Berkeley rod holder. One time the rod went down with the rod holder still attached - just the base was left on the kayak.

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Scotty rod holders are relitively
inexpensive. In my area, Academy Sporting Goods sells them with the regular mount for $15, most other places get $19. The flush mount base does cost more. Most kayak shops will install the rod holder for you, though they may want you to buy theirs at an inflated price.

With the Berkley’s you may save a dollar or two, but its not worth it. For what you want, one rod holder should do fine. I’m not proud, I have five on my Loon. I agree with Big D if you paddle areas with overhanging branches, most rivers qualify there.

You can catch pan fish on that ugly stick, but an ultralight is better. Look at the fishing tackle dealers around you, they all sell good quality ultralight rods inexpensively. I like the Shimano Scimitar rods myself, about $30. If that’s too steep, try the Berkley Cherry wood model.

Panfish rods
Man do I love the crappie and bream fish’n! For bream I use pop’n bugs, crickets, and worms. I’m cheap…but I look for “good” cheap rods and reels. I ONLY use the FX/AX/and IX Shimano reels, usually the 1000 series are $12. For light and ultralight rods…I ONLY use the BPS “Uncle Buck’s” crappie rods $11.99. These are far from the best…but they are the best “cheap” stuff I’ve found. Never a failure of any kind in 20+ years. I probably have 15 of these combos…but I just finished my crappie fish’n pontoon boat…and it has 27 rod holders on it…so I need more rods! :slight_smile:



Scotty rod holders
I stopped by a place called “Sportsmans Warehouse” right on I-26 in Columbia, SC last week, on my way back home from a yak fishing trip on the coast. It must be a chain store, cuz this one was huge! They had the small Scotty baitcast/spin holders with surface mount bases for $13.99…my local Dick’s had them for $15.97.

I like the Scotty Tree that I got from…it converts one base mount to three if need be, but it’s $48 at most places. I learned the hard way to mount the base for this a certain way…with the notch for the initial insertion “towards” the cockpit…that way when you install the tree, it lines up with the frist notch backwards, then spin it around for the final seating…can’t just pull out that way.


Here ya go … :slight_smile:

Removable Rod Holder
I have a loon 138 and i use it to fish out of but like you i dont want to cut into my boat. I took a regular plastic cutting board and cut it to the size and arc of the front of my cockpit. Then i mounted a standard Scotty rod holder to the center of the cutting board. To keep it in place i take the front bungee straps and bring them back around the rod holder. This cinches the cutting board up into the lip of the cockpit. If you cut it right it should fit like a glove. Make sure you use a template to get the exact size of the front of the cockpit. All in all its a cheap and very easy way to have a removable rod holder. If you really want to you can cut hole or add sleeves to the edge of the cutting board to hang lures or put pliers. Good luck and fishing.