Need some tips

I am looking for a good place to do some “backcountry” canoeing. I live in east TN and want to see something different than around here. Looking to go to a swamp type area too see alligators snakes all that good stuff. I got plenty of paddling experience and backpacking. I spent several seasons as a guide as well I have been canoeing and backpacking for years. I want a challenge about a 3 day trip that I can turn into a 5 day trip “goofing off” if that makes since. I am looking at the okefenokee right now but open to others. Planning trip in june I know not good time but only time I can get off work. Thanks in advance

Carry your “coach gun” and be ready to defend yourself against the wild beasts. Good luck!

Try all those backwater rivers in south carolina. Kind of swampy but more defined and moving.

Ryan L.

this should keep you busy
you could spend several months down in this area.

wrong URL sorry

Caddo Lake

On the TX/LA border, northern part of LA

Tips for Okefenokee camping
If you know that it will not rain or only have brief showers during your trip I would suggest that instead of a tent that you use a Dome Screen House Tent instead. May & June are real bad months for Yellow Flies (Deer Flies) during the day and skeeters are bad the first couple of hours in the evening. A Dome Screen House Tent will give you relief from the bugs without having to be stuck in a hot tent. Bug spray works on skeeters but the only a fly swatter works on Yellow Flies.

I also recommend that you carry the largest extreme cooler that you can full of ice and drinks. It will be in the 90’s most of the day in June and you will go thru a lot of fluids. I usually drink a half gallon of Gaterade, Half gallon of water, two 16.9 water bottles of milk,a couple of small fruit cups and a couple of beers for each day.

Great Dismal Swamp
Check out Congaree Swamp National Park in South Carolina. It’s about 20 minutes southeast of Columbia. There are about 2-3 days of canoeing available in the park, a couple more days if you do the Congaree River from Columbia to the park. It’ll be hot n’ nasty in June, but the wildlife will be active. Here’s the link:

Thanks guys
Thanks for all the tips and suggestions guys. I have decided on SC for sure love it down there anyway done some day trips before. Haven’t really decided on exact place to start yet so keep 'em coming. We are really considering turning this years trip into a series of day trips or 2-day trips instead of a week at one spot. We are making this a yearly trip to get away from all the hassle of “real life” . Thanks again guys if anybody has any tips on good stuff to bring besides the obvious of course that’s welcome as well. I have done a lot of paddling (mostly whitewater), backpacking, and camping. But never really combined the three

june in the congaree np
be prepared for mosquitoes! shouldn’t be too much of a bother in the day, but they’ll own the place at night. a great place, but be prepared.

NORTH Carolina…

great tips
Great tips everybody keep em coming. I think we have decided to hit a couple spots on day or 2 day trips. Shooting for south carolina possibly into florida or ga. If anybody knows of good day or 2 days to do in the southern parts of sc or that corner of fl or ga feel free to chime in. Places where we won’t see many if any other people.

Atchafalaya swamp Louisiana
I think that’s how it’s spelled. You could spend years back in there. It’s massive.