Need source for Minicell foam

Can anyone reccomend a good source for THICK (2" or better) blocks of Minicell foam at whatever constitutes a reasonable price?

I am making a last-ditch attempt to outfit my Impex Diamante before either going to a canoe, or a SOT kayak due to back problems.




I’ve used these guys several times…
I highly recommend Great products, great service, great company!

Another source
the Nantahala Outdoor Center, in NC.

I think you can order it on line.

I know you can order it over the phone



Minicell foam
I’ve found that Sweet Composites has the best price on Minicell. They are also very pleasant to deal with.

Good luck,

Pedro Almeida

Thanks to all!
There are some GREAT sources there!

Thanks so much!


Another source thats on target…

pre-cut foam?
Does anyone know of sources for pre-cut bulkheading foam?

I wanted to just buy foam for my new Pamlico 135T, but there are too many different cuts to make, that I’m sure I’d botch it.

Thanks for any help.

Minicel Foam
Try CLC Boats. Their price is better than most.

Foam Padding for Canoe

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I recommend checking out New England Foam Products in Hartford, CT. Here is their contact info:


Toll-Free Foamline: 1.800.828.0333

Telephone: 860.524.0121

Fax: 860.522.5830


Address: 760 Windsor Street
Hartford, Connecticut (CT) 06120
United States of America (USA)

mincell foam
Western Canoe and Kayak has 1.6lb density foam. I am looking for 2lb density M200.

if anyone has source for 2lb, it would be much appreciated.