Need Source for Square Plastic Buckets

When I canoe I store lots of food in five gallon plastic buckets. They are

inexpensive, work well and keep things pretty dry. Unfortunately they are

usually round and it’d be a lot better use of space if I could locate some

square buckets.

I used to get the round buckets from restaurants but now it’s easier and

cleaned to buy them at Home Depot or someplace similar. Can anyone tell me

if there is a source for square five gallon plastic buckets?



I have 'em
I think it is “Tidy Step” cat litter. One of my grandmother’s friends is a crazy old cat lady…so everyso often she gives them to me. So you will need to find a crazy old cat lady, maybe I could try to help you out…but I think that mailing 5 gallon buckets seems silly.


Gamma Plastics
make square buckets with their waterproof gamma seal lid.

The gamma seal is waterproof and extremely easy to use, however, these buckets are not cheap, but you can get them at Petsmart.

Hope this helps,


Good idea meat!
I have added Gamma seals to round fives and am convinced that they are waterproof. The square pet food sorage cubes look like a great idea!


U.S. Plastics On the left side of the page, click on “Buckets & Barrels”; Then “Buckets & Pails”; then “Square and Specialty Buckets”.

square buckets
Some pool chemicals; chlorine tablets,etc; come in square buckets.

Wish Gander Mtn. or someplace sold 'em
I bet they’d sell a good many as “impulse purchases” for a lot of different uses. I’d buy some, but it’s not something I’m going to order. I don’t need them that badly.

Petsmart and other mega-petstores sell them.


Source for square buckets…
Have you thought of checking with a hardware store and seeing if they will give you the buckets that their chain and some braided cable come in? I used to work at a supply store and we got square buckets for both chain and braided cable. I used to keep a few for myself and throw the rest away.


Thanks Jim
I went in to Pet Smart a couple of years ago and asked but maybe I wasn’t very clear about what I was asking for. I’ll try again.


Square buckets & watertightness
Mike’s reservations about standard square buckets appear to be correct. One of the sites clearly states that the standard snap seal lids are not watertight, but are probably OK if you are simply trying to keep stored product insects out of your petfood. I wouldn’t trust a used container from the hardware store either, unless a bit of water inside is OK. The round, screw-top lids on the custom buckets are waterproof though.


Me too

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I forgot to mention in my first response that I do own 2 five gallon round buckets and 2 three and a half gallon round buckets that I installed the Gamma Seal on. They trully are waterproof if installed correctly and tightened properly. When I first installed the Gamma seal lids I went to a local lake and anchored them under the water surface for approximately 30 minutes. The result was not a single drop of water inside. I'd say that is waterproof.