Need suggestions for PFD

My wife is in need of a new PFD, of course the preference is one that is designed for a woman. But price is also an issue, as well as comfort.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Kokotat MS-Fit

Check Stolquist
Stolquist makes a line of PFD’s just form fitting for women.

From the outside they look the same as men.s but extra space is allowed where it is needed.

They offer many models to fit many size people.” had them all on sale the last time I checked.

I have a Men’s Stolquist “MOTION” PFD, and I think it is a well made, nice fitting PFD. I am pretty happy with it

Astral Wondervest
A Pull-over type made for women:

Yes, definitely the Astral

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Typical price is $136 or so, but you can find last year's model for about $89 if you look around. Not any big difference between the 2004 and 2005. I know you said price is an issue, but I went cheap on my first PFD, and afterward I always told my friends who were getting into paddling that if there's one thing they should splurge on, it's a well-fitting PFD. If you don't get her a good one, you'll just end up buying another one in a year or two, after she capsizes and the darned thing rides up over her head. Dangerous and annoying.

I should add that some friends have the women's Stohlquist and they are very pleased with it.

Lotus Lola
My wife loves her Lotus Lola. It is cut well for women with assets. I have a Lola as well and it works well for me.

Another vote for Ms-Fit
I have the Ms-Fit tour and love it. Plenty of pockets, it doesn’t ride up, and you can unzip it in warmer weather for ventilation by leaving it buckled.

Another vote for Lotus Lola
We both have one. I wear mine and her’s sits in the closet. Very comfotable.A nd got it on sale at REI. Some sort of “Season-Ending-Close Out-Manager Sale” sale. Hmmm…I hope it was a sale.