need suggestions for summer river trip

I live in Central Florida and have a few weeks off and I want to do a 3-5 day river trip. I’m an experienced paddler and camper (camped on Suwannee and in 10,000 Islands), but need advice on a trip. I’ll be paddling a 16-ft. sit-on-top (Ocean Kayak Cabo) with a 100-lb. labrador. Here’s what I want

*to go no further than 1000 miles from Orlando

*I want to go downstream

*I want to be out in the middle of nowhere as much as possible

*here’s my biggest problem - I want NO rapids at all, I took this dog several years ago on the South Fork of the Flathead River in Montana and we wound up swimming and waiting for our kayak and gear to float downstream and join us, I have no whitewater paddling skills and after 2 back surgeries, want no part of falling out unexpectedly (he loved it by the way!)

*I don’t want to kayak in Florida - I love the Suwannee, but its too HOT now and I don’t want to be in gator country

*I want something like Voyageurs Nat’l Park (I know thats not a river) which we both loved but its too far to drive, the Buffalo River sounds good but apparently there are a lot of rapids

Any advice?

Current River
Paddle the Current River in Missouri. It’s very smooth but still interesting and has a lot of caves and things to see. It’s also long enough to provide you with plenty of time and there is a small town at the halfway point to restock. The rest of the river is a national park so its very secluded and feels remote.


I dont’t think the Current in the summer
qualifies as being in the middle of nowhere. I liked it in April when I did the river from Baptist to Big Spring in three days but doubt I would like it in the middle of the summer when everyone is on it.

Buffalo may be the same. Its another spring/fall fav of mine.

Below Tyler the only “rapids” are gravel bar shoals. At low water these should not be an issue…more of a sticking point. These “rapids” typically drop into pools of deep water. I especially like the stretch below Rush to the White River. But you will see people too.

Eleven Point is quieter, at least on
summer weekdays. I saw a jonboat and that was it.

Buffalo River
My wife and I are looking for a similar suggestion. I think we’ve settled on the Buffalo River in Arkansas… Now we need details.

Tell us what you know.


You’ve got a couple weeks off. If you don’t want to drive to Voyager’s NP, fly into Duluth, arrange for a shuttle OR rent some wheels to get there, rent a yak, and have a quality experience. There are BWCA outfitters that make shuttles from the Duluth airport certainly to Crane Lake and maybe to Ash River or Rainy Lake.

Current River
I know the Current can be a real drunk float fest on the weekends but mid week you really own the river.


Fla trip
I live in N. Central Fl.(330 MI from Orlando) I just did the Chocwhatchee River,from HWY 2 to HWY 90 it is Beautiful, about a 2 mph current, huge sandbars (some are 20-30 acres)It is 170 miles long from Alabama to the Gulf coast, near Panama city.A CANOEING AN KAYAKING TO FLORIDA by John Malloy

has the info.His mileage is off tho. the milage by MY gps was 11.9 mi and his book said 17 mi. but the river is nice and easy paddle with no rapids or tricks.

If you need more info give me a holler.