Need suggestions

I have some funds saved up and am still looking for a good used kayak. I had a sit-on-top single and still have a tandem sit-inside so I don’t have a preference.

I was told for ease of tracking that I need at least 12’ in length. I do like the skeg on my tandem as it seems to help keep it going straight. I sold the 9’ single because it was difficult to control especially during an upriver paddle. I have taken out my 14’ tandem alone and had an easier time with it.

Can you folks weigh in on what (new or used) kayaks you think might be a good buy in the under $600 range or should I keep saving a bit longer?

I live in the Ocala, FL area.

Post your specs
How tall and whats your weight as this will factor in what people will recommend for you. I would get at least a 13 footer. There are so many brands of kayaks out there. I was at a paddlefest in Toronto Canada and saw many different brands I never heard of. Maybe look at craigslist see if you see any in the right length and post back what you found. If you spend a little more you can even buy new. I bought a brand new 14 foot Wilderness System Tsunami for $780 free ship last year. Same seller had some at about $900 om ebay this year.Place was in CA. There was a new Dagger Alchemy 14s on ebay for around 800 plus 130 ship. Could look for used ones like those two.Many other too of course.

where do you want to paddle?
mostly rivers? I’m assuming flatwater rivers since it’s Fla.

estuaries, coves,harbors, and/or channels along the ocean shoreline?

do you want to do open ocean paddling?

that’d help too.

Keep saving and get in touch with

I’m sure several of them would let you try there boats to see which you would like best.


I don’t think you will find what you are looking for if you want NEW for $600. Look hard enough and you may find a good used.

Check out Florida Bay outfitters…
in Key Largo. They have some decent used kayaks in your range

Maybe a tad over $600. But you can dicker with them.

Jack L

This Ocean P13
SOT with free ship/no tax is a pretty good deal-

Good enough to have one on it’s way to me.LOL


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Sit-on-tops tend to be more poplar in warm-water areas like Florida. The RTM Disco has a good reputation as a SOT with good performance.

What's your height/weight? If you fall in the "smaller padder" category, do try to find a boat that fits(beam, depth, volume), especially if you choose a sit-inside. An oversized boat is uncomfortable and inefficient to paddle and can be hard to control when conditions kick up.

For That Price
I’d check out the brand new plastic fantastic kayaks at Walmart, Sam’s Club or Costco?