need surfski paddling links

I just recently had to replace my laptop and lost all of my saved links on paddling techniques. I will be bedridden for a week beginning on Friday, and then on crutches for another two weeks while recovering from foot surgery. Can any of the surfski paddlers please share their favorite links on paddling technique using a ski and/or wing paddles?

I just returned to paddling feathered this last week, in anticipation of getting started using my wings. It wasn’t as big an adjustment as I thought it would be, but I’m sure the wings will add a whole other dimension:)

I am looking forward to getting back on the water as soon as I am able, and hope to log many happy hours this year on the ski. I know I can do an internet search and bookmark these places myself, but I would love to see and read what others recommend/enjoy.





There are also OC-1 oriented sites that are worth looking at:


Thanks Dave.

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I'll bookmark them and pray my new laptop lives a long, healthy life:)

Speaking of surfskis, have you checked out how the the class 2 mixed doubles did in the Everglades Challenge down in Florida? They were in some sort of a new or custom huki.

Thanks again, and hope you are well.


Haven’t been following too closely
I finally feel like I’ve really gotten the hang of my Mako, so I’ve been wanting to get out more in it, but life’s been a little crazy lately. But the days are getting longer, which makes after-work paddles a little easier to manage.

What ski do you paddle?

Mako Millenium
I also had an XT for a while but sold it with the thought of buying a V10. Shortly before the V10 container got here, I had some kind of an epiphany in the Mill, and between that and some unexpected family expenses, I’ve decided to put off buying a new ski for a while and just enjoy the Millenium. It really is a sweet hull when you’re not battling to stay on top of it.

Did you see the impressive surfski
showing in the everglades challenge?