Need to decide - Manatee or Calypso?

I have one day to decide whether to buy a Manatee Deluxe or a Calypso. Thoughts? Suggestions?

You get what you pay for
Calypso lists for $300.00 more.

LL Bean boat sale
I assume this was from LL Bean’s boat sale and this is probably too late.

BUT… if price isn’t a big sticking point.

AND… if you fit the Calypso (ie, petite person), then go for it over the Manatee.

OR… if price still isn’t a huge issue and you’re too big for the Calypso, go for the Manatee 12. Pretty decent boat (I know I was shocked when I test paddled one for a 1/2 hour or so).

Though, is price is an issue - get the Manatee 10. Any boat that gets you on the water is a good boat IMO.