Need to locate two things. Advice please

I want to add a pee zipper and dry boots to my Stohlquist White Water dry suit. Can anyone tell me where I could send it to get a good job done.

Also need to locate an NDK foam seat. The one with a black nylon covering and padded sides that fold up on the inner hull sides. Thanks for any advice I can get. Bill

Call Stolquist - they’re your best bet on upgrading that Dry Suit.

Foam NDK seat…
also looking for one of these - input anyone

Foam Seat
You could try Atlantic Kayak Tours for a seat - I know we had one or two early in the season.


This is similar
not covered with material but works very well.

NDK Foam Seat
We had fun finding one early in the season and found success with the Chicago Kayak Company that carries NDK boats. There is also another version that is made of micelle foam (similar shapping and sides) but doesn’t carry The NDK logo or covering but serves the same function.

Did same
I sent mine to Stohlquist (actually they give you the place that all there warranty stuff is done, just down the street).

Had pee zipper and the new style cloth booties installed, I think it was about $100 or a bit more.

Did excellent work, like new.

Stohlquist usually passes gear off now
to RainyPass in seattle (iirc)…

good sewing shop!

Thanks! I called Rainy Pass and
they can do the pee zipper only, so they gave me Stohlquists number and Stohlquist gave me the number of TRX in Alamosa Colorado 719-589-4800. $122 for both. Ended up getting the foam seat from and the snapdragon rigid back band from My local shop did not have these or I would have bought it from them.

Geneva Kayak?
Is it Geneva Kayak that you’re thinking of? They’re probably the best bet in the Chicago area. Geneva is one of the 'burbs west of the city.