need to lock your boat???

this has to be the most secure looking locking system i have ever seen…

any brits out there who have used it???

the theft could just pick up the kayak. get a kayak laso. They are way better

Wow that’s expensive
it’s pretty much the same as The Club. Except that you can buy that product for about $40 - $45. This kaya-lok costs $150 US.

3mm aluminum?
Unless it is a decent grade of aluminum with heat treatment a cordless reciprocating saw or sharp hack saw would probably go through that in under a minute. Even the good stuff would be no match for a recip saw with a good blade.

A few good stomps would probably bend it enough to pop it out as well.

You could pick up a Club at garage sales for a buck these days, since auto thieves figured out that cutting the steering wheel is easy.

The Club is what I was going to say.
Cheaper, stronger, and probably fit more yaks.

I’ll take steel over alum in a ser=curity device most any day.



No need to lock my canoe…
at home or by the dock. When people at home or a put-in see me getting in or out of my vessel with Samuel Glock’s creation strapped on my side they get the idea and neither my boat nor gear has ever come up missing. God bless America!

Aluminium - - about worthless
Pick it up, carry it home, 10 minutes with a right angle die grinder, and I know have some aluminium scrap metal.

Locks only keep honest people honest and wannabe pro’s away.

Also - get the right cutter, and that lasso toy is loose cable.

Remember - - if somebody else really wants it - - it’s gone!!