Need to remove stickers on Royalex.

I need to remove the stickers from my OT Penobscot 17 to make room for some custom decals that I want to use. Can I use “goo off” on Royalex? How about paint thinner? Thanks.

The answer to your question is…
Kinda funny, considering that the answer is a “hit topic” here on! PEANUT BUTTER!!!

Peel the stickers off best you can. Any rmaining “sticky substance” and “paper backing” can then be removed, by rubbing peanut butter on with a rag. In a circular motion rub till “sticky-ness” is gone…

Cheap & effective!

Paddle easy,


wd-40 works well and at least your canoe won’t

squeak. On the label it says works on glue, I find that accurate.

My favorite is anchovy paste.

I used a plastic spatula
to carefully lift and peel old ID numbers and stuff. Gently is the key. No solvents. I like the peanut butter idea. I’ll try it next time.

blow dryer
If you want to get the stickers off easy use a blow dryer to soften them up first. Don’t use a heat gun on anything but the cooler settings.

worked for me