Need to store boats for a few days in DC

I will be in DC for a conference Oct 5-8, and after that I’d like to take a paddling trip to Assateague. Can anybody suggest a place in DC where I could store two kayaks and a canoe while I’m at the conference? I don’t want to make my wife and kids do their sight-seeing with a van load of boats.

(I did search the forum before posting.)



A few suggestions
Post at the web site - someone local might have a convenient storage for free.

Jack’s Boathouse under Key Bridge in DC may rent you a space by agreement ($50 a month but they may be able to just take the boats for you for some small fee).

Of course, I could offer you to just put them in my backyard, but it is an “urban” backyard and even though it is private and fenced (not visible from the street) I can’t guarantee their safety as I’m at work during the day. Plus my kids play there and I’m sure they would want to climb in them no matter how many times I tell them not to (my boats hang in the garage, but I’m already one space short -;)…

Jacks was the first thing that came to my mind, too.

If that doesn’t work for you, you are welcome to leave them at my house, but depending from which direction you are arriving, it may be out of the way. Find Gambrills, MD on your map (zip = 21054) to see if it would work for you.

I think it is a good idea to travel DC without the boats, because they can be a problem if you need to park underground.


Another Jack’s recommendation.
Otherwise, I live just north of the city in Columbia, MD. I’d be willing to throw them into my garage - it’s already housing a treadmill that I should be using.

Good ideas
Kocho, good ideas. I’m trying to register at CPAKayaker and I’ve looked up Jack’s.

Thanks for the offers, Chip and dsetzer, but you’re both on the wrong side of DC. We’ll be in Silver Spring to visit friends and then downtown.

You guys are good to a newbie!


Try the MCC Board
I have heard from folks like p-net’s canoedancing, that the CPA site can decide it just won’t let you register. Let me know if you have a problem and I can put a note on there for you.

The Monocacy Canoe Club’s Paddle Prattle site requires no registration. That’s bad, because the site collects a high volume of garbage, but good, because you can post today! The board gets more volume than any of the other local paddling boards, and most of them live close to your target area. Google “paddle prattle” and it should come right up.


I might be on your way to DC
I’m in downtown Bethesda, 20814 just off Wisconsin Avenue on Bethesda avenue, to give you a bearing.

Feel free to drop me a note and stop by and see if you like the backyard for your boats - they will be in the open as we got no shed but away from the street. No charge of course, as long as you pick them up in a timely manner or I’ll start paddling them -:wink:

I posted there. Yep, that was easy. Thanks.