Need to up grade KAYAK

I’ve been paddling an OT jolt for 5 years. I paddle every weekend year round, using dry suit in winter. My first and only kayak is the larger of the two OT jolts as I am 250 lbs. It is a rec. style boat and rated for class 2 however I have run 3’s and found my self in a 4 once or twice (with out a positive out come on the 4). I entered a Whitewater race in Roseburg Oregon a few years back and placed first. I love this boat. That said, I need to up grade. looking for a river runner that tracks yet can handle moderate creaking. I have used an ARC but I find my straight forward paddle style isn’t the best for a strict WW boat. I’m 48 and not as limber as I once was so at this point rolling isn’t much of an option for me. I’ve been looking at the COMBI WHITEWATER by PRIJON. The CHOPPER by PRIJON. The HERCULES by PRIJON. and the APPROACH 10 by DAGGER. Most of the rivers here take a bit of paddling to reach decent features. I have recently started creaking and find it is very hard on my jolt.

Any thoughts would really be appreciated. Kayaking is my passion, wish I’d have found it years ago. I hope this post makes sense. Again, Any advice you could send my way, would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


you said the magic words
"I’m 48 and not as limber as I once was so at this point rolling isn’t much of an option for me."

My good man, with all due respect to lack of limberness, I have taught old men that were shaped like bowling balls to eskimo roll.

That Hercules looks like a sweet boat. I’m too happy with my old Necky Blunt to warrant the purchase, but if I were, I think that would be the one.

I am 60lbs heavier than when I started kayaking. I know all about lost limberness. I don’t mind telling you that if you are serious enough about paddling white water to consider a Hercules, then you need to learn to roll. Its just a matter of will, I gaurantee it. Go get your Hercules, get your roll, get on the river, get wet, and report back to PNet. Have fun!

I’m your age and just got my roll. All you need is someone else local to practice with. If you have an interest in ww it will definitely be worth the effort.

I’m 64, and creaking is hard on my jolt,
too, but don’t sell yourself short. At 48, you can get much stronger, more flexible, and river wise.

My suggestion would be the Hercules. It has enough cruising speed to get where you want to go, but it will be better than the others for “creaking.”

OK - - -
If I’m ever out your way, I’ll be lloking you up.

Gotta get a roll sooner or latter, but I’m only 45, and 180 lbs, and a sealion kayak, so you should have no problems getting me going on a good roll.

See ya when I get out that way, I’ll buy

Have two guest rooms
13 kayaks, 10 bikes, and 3 trucks, salt, green, and white waters and a micro brewery all with in ten minutes of the house. Give me a little advance notice. See ya! :^]

Thank you
Thanks all, I really appreciate your feedback. I haven’t given up on learning the roll my friends. If anyone has any kayaking pictures they would like to share I would really like to view them. It’s great chatting with fellow kayakers.

best wishes,


I watched an 82 year old this weekend
Surf a good size wave in a seakayak, pearled and rolled up laughing.

If you don’t keep moving you will rust up.