Need travelling bag for tandem kayak

We are looking for a total-cover kayak bag/cover. We travel a lot out west and put our Pamlico 13.5 tandem on top of our truck with a Seals cover but it’s in need of something more substantial because of the elements. I’ve looked around but most of them are for garage storage. We need one that can hold up when on top of the truck for miles and miles.

thanks in advance!

Jeremy Vore will make a custom cover. Products – RedLeaf Designs


Thank you…I’ll look them up.

Danuu makes kayak covers. Double check that the bags would work for a kayak as wide as the Pamlico (all the bags I have seen seemed to be for narrower kayaks or surf skis).

I second the Red Leaf Designs covers for travel. They fit like a glove. I have a Danuu cover strictly for sun protection and while it works great for that it’s much to baggy and flappy for cartop transport.

You need a good canvas shop to make a custom cover out of sunbrella Cha ching

why? Covers are good for storage, but not so good for traveling.