Need Troy NY kayak pickup to SC

Have kayak in Troy NY and need transport to SC or East Coast Kayak/Canoe Festival.

Have you checked with the Air Force?

superman superman you wanna fly like

failing that check with the Festival for a Bulletin Board.

New Toy?
Pat did you find the Seward Silhouette, that you where looking?

Pat never stops looking, buying, and

Do not want to hijack the tread. But, I have bought two kayaks from her. A Nordkapp LV and a Foster and Rowe Silhouette. Her old Nordlow, is my favorite of the current fleet.


maybe too much …

Keep on subject
This forum is for a purpose. Keep on the subject so that it works!!

I emailed you I might find a solution
Have you gotten a ride or is there some reason you didn’t like the offer?

Have a ride!!!
Thanks to all who replied. Found a kayaker from Troy who will deliver the kayak to James Island Festival.

If it is the blue Silhouette…
Boat is from Troy, though the paddler is from nearby. Neither of the paddlers driving that boat south would fit into it so I figure that is what is headed to South Carolina.

I believe they are getting past Tennessee today in the Geezers Go South trip.