Need VA Beach Advice

I am going to be in Sandbridge for a long weekend starting Thursday evening and am planning to paddle from Little Island down to False Cape Landing, perhaps a little farther if things are going well. I have not been able to find tide tables for various points in Back Bay - only listing I can find is the Atlantic side of False Cape. I’m sure it is user error, but any advice would be appreciated.

Also, I am assuming that the tide flows up from Currituck sound toward the top of North Bay and then ebbs back south - correct?

I’m going to try and stop by WRO on the way in - need to pick up a better chart, but was hoping to be able to get some idea of times to make that run. Ideally I’d like to leave first thing Friday morning. Not opposed to company if it works for anyone.

No lunar tides – just wind tides

Back bay is not really affected by lunar tides – the nearest opening to the Atlantic is Oregon Inlet, more than 60 miles to the south. The bigger influence on the water movement is wind. A Northeast wind that blows for more than 10-12 hours will push the water south and west from the shore, making for a muddy launch at little Island as the water moves out.

On the flip side, a south or southwest wind pushes more water in, and can create 2-foot chop (in either direction) as there is a pretty long fetch on the bay. If you’re only planning on paddling the Bay side, check the wind forecast and don’t sweat the lunar tides at all.

FYI, I’ve done multiple overnight trips on Back Bay and points south and have paddled it in quite a variety of conditions.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Tom - guess that is why I couldn’t find the info. :slight_smile: I had not considered the distance from the ocean source. I’ll keep an eye on the winds and take it from there. Thanks again.

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That’s me, actually
Thanks for the plug. That’s me actually. Well, Ed and me. We know this area pretty well if anyone has questions.