need WS Slidelock foot braces

Anybody know where I can get two pairs of Wilderness Systems Slidelock foot pedals? WS isn’t replying to my email, and I found only one source on the Web.

The source is, whom I had never heard of. Anybody have any information on their reliability?

The foot braces in question are black plastic with long tabs that stick out toward the paddler’s hips. The tabs allow easy adjustment of the pedal positions.

– Mark

Ws foot braces
Hi Marks

I have a brand new pair you can have for free if you want to pay shipping.

I took these out of a brand new 2007 tempest 165 and replaced them with seadog foot braces which I much preffer.


Strange; We tried the SeaDog and rejected it in favor of the WS SmartTrack.

Part of that is Smart Track will curve to fit our hulls, SeaDogs troff will not.

Another part is SmartTrack adjusts from the paddling station. SeaDog requires a serious lean or foot pressure to move the pegs fore and aft.

Then their is the weight issue. SeaDogs are heavy.

In their favor, once adjusted, the seaDog placement is very secure.

We put our SD sample in a prototype hull that will not see production: not ready for prime time in this boatbuilders opinion.

Are we talking the same seadog foot brace, look at

I can’t think is wieghs more than an once over the WS foot braces, and it will stay put and not move on a rentry and roll, also the foot pedal is larger an more comfortable.

The wife and I both have these in our tempests and much preffer them.


Those look exactly
like the the foot braces in the Prijon Combi 359 Tour I test paddled before getting my WS Tsunami 120! They were very solid seemed like great braces. Wonder how they would fit in my T 120? Has anyone ever used the Yakpad gel pads for your feet that attach to the braces? I find my outer heel getting very soar after a few hours of paddling and have considered buying a pair to try.