Need yakima mounts

I recently bought a set of used Yakima racks to haul our two kayaks. Now I need a set of 23H universal mounts to attach them to my wife’s CRV. It seems the local shop only carries Thule stuff, and the online places are crazy with their shipping costs ($15 to send a set of $30 mounts??). I don’t mind fair, but I have a thing against doing business with anybody that I think is gouging on shipping, just a personal hangup I guess…

So, I figured I’d check here first, in case anybody had an extra set that they might have had left over after selling a car, etc.

If you have a set that you’d like to unload, I’m interested in buying them.


check out

and yakimas website…

check your email
I just sent you one via p-net link. I might be able to help.

Thanks is the first place I looked. That’s where I got the specific model needed, but it looks like they just refer you to local dealers, and their MSRP is $34, more than most others anyway (but we all know that you can usually/always beat MSRP when you actually buy).

I’ve checked Ebay for a while, with no luck. There is one seller who had a bunch of different mounts; it seemed he had everything BUT what I need… :frowning:

Just hoping that somebody here has a set that they are no longer using and would like to make a few bucks on them, before I pay some overinflated shipping, or drive two hours to a different shop and spend as much on gas as I would shipping.

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Check out their price. With standard shipping it will be $38.80 complete. Type in 23H.

Don’t just check paddling shops
Call around your local bike and ski shops to see if they sell Yakima racks.

Chances are someone in your town carries them.

If there is an REI near you
you can order on line from their website and they will ship your purchase to your local store for free.