Nelo Waterman?

My girlfriend and I have been looking for a performance oriented tandem kayak. We’ve tried a Fenn Mako XT double, but it’s just too tippy for her comfort. We’re used to paddling Epic 18X’s and thought the Waterman might fit the bill and be similar in performance and stability. I’ve seen a couple of reviews of this boat here but I wonder if anybody could offer any more info. on it? I know that Kayakpro is going to be offering a tandem based on the Nemo soon, so that might be worth waitng for as well. I should be able to paddle a Waterman demo in later August, so we’ll see. Thanks.

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because it’s kind of an interesting question. How much performance do you want? Are there some fast cruising tandems you considered and rejected?

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Boats considered…
Bullit K-2 by West Side Boat: 23’x 20" and Adventure Duet by Ruahine Kayaks: 22’x 21.5". Both are fast enough and light enough but realistically not stable enough. Weight has to be 45 pounds or less. Performance is a relative term but hopefully similar to that of an 18’ x 22-23" single. Something that will have some snap to it using a wing paddle. We’ve had to admit honestly that we cycle, run, canoe and too much else to put the time in to be comfortable in a surfski. I should add that we paddle a Savage River Susquehana and an Outrigger Connection Stingray 2 OC-2. We do like to kayak though, so this should be my last boat. At least for now.