neo spray skirt sizes

I’m attempting to order a neoprene sprayskirt but confused on sizing. Looking at Snapdragon for example, my Impex Montauk is a small on the fit list. But the small sprayskirts only have a small body tube. I wear medium, not small sized clothes. there is no website explanation on the body tube sizing. Any suggestions on a Montauk neo spray skirt for a medium sized paddler?

Neo skirt sizing
If you look under the product descriptions on the Snapdragon site, you’ll see that the tubes come in sizes S thru XXL. Just choose the small cockpit size and whatever tube size you need.

Have fun!

Call 'em…
I have had really good luck with the SnapDragon folks. They pick up the phone and answer my questions.

yup, call them
Snapdragon is very responsive. They resized one of their skirts for my wife.

Their size charts can be a bit inaccurate. I bought my Snapdragon neoprene cockpit cover from Atlantic Kayak Tours. The Snapdragon chart said small for my Aquanaut, but fortunately, Janice tried covers on one of their Aquanauts and found that medium fit better. On the other hand their chart indicated XS for my wife’s Explorer LV and that turned out to be right.

My Neoprene skirt is a Kokatat: the deck is medium and the tunnel is extra large (I’ve a 36" waist).

Custom fits
My dealer just called SnapDragon to ask if they’s make a L/L with the tunnel three inches shorter so I wouldn’t have to roll the top down. They said “sure” and there will be no extra charge.

That’s great customer service.


one of the reasons I recommend them
is there willingness to do custom work at reasonable prices. I have three of their skirts, one whitewater and two touring to fit my various boats.

Snapdragon Customer Service
I wanted a Snapdragon neoprene skirt with the tunnel 3" shorter. My outfitter ordered it on Wednesday, and it was delivered on Friday morning - no extra charge! Now that’s great customer service!