neo spray skirt water proofing

I have a very thin noeprene spray skirt that gets saturated with water and is rather leaky. Is there anything I can spray on it to help repel water, scotch gaurd etc… thanks

Where’s the leak?
Often it is around the edges where the skirt meets the coaming, where things move around as you paddle. If it is that, spray isn’t going to help.

If the leak is at the coaming
where it often becomes worn, a coating of Aquaseal will serve to waterproof and reinforce the worn area, but might make the skirt more difficult to put on if it is already somewhat tight.

I’d use Seamgrip, which is thinner and
easier to paint. Very similar to Aquaseal, stays flexible.

I’m guessing it’s just water soaking through the deck of the skirt. One might put the skirt on the boat, reversed (underside up) and then squeegee Seamgrip over the surface of the coating. The skirt should be washed and rinsed thoroughly first. Might take two tubes of Seamgrip.

Neoprene doesn’t leak until punctured
so it must be some abrasions on skirt or leaks around the coaming leap. Try locate abraded areas and cover them with Aquaseal or Seamrip (same stuff, different density). I had leaks through abrasions at my back, where it’s grinding against the coaming.

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Contrary to the advice above
Neoprene always allows water to pass through unless it has a barrier layer to prevent it. Even the best skirts allow water to get into the cockpit if water goes on to the top of the skirt. So your choices are: be sure your paddle has drip rings and your forward stroke has good form. Or, don’t worry. Just use a sponge to remove the water when you land. No problem either way.

I guess mine has that "barrier"
since it doesn’t leak, and the idea of a skirt is to prevent water from entering the cockpit.

I wouldn’t want a skirt that allows water in !

Jack L

That’s not my experience at all
3mm or heavier neoprene is generally waterproof and it should be, as it’s CLOSED CELL foam and it’s not supposed to leak. In thinner materials, I’ve seen leakage, but its not usually a problem until you get down to 1.5mm or less.

closed cell neoprene
the neoprene generally used for spray skirts, wetsuits etc is closed cell and does not let water pass through.

Take a spray skirt and lay it over a bucket and puddle on some water. None will pass through.

The poster probably has a seam leak somewhere. Unless he has a rare thin non closed cell type of thing which I have never seen.

I’ve had three neos that leak

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some dont leak until youve had em a couple years and some will leak the day you get em usually the thinner ones especially over time. water does pass through some neopreneregardless of anyone heres opinion. Ive tested this.
however a good neo spray deck shouldn't leak for some time. my seals shocker is pretty dry under most conditions, my two prijon skirts leak bad and also my liquid logig neo leaks.

are an issue with one of them but with two there are no seams anywher near where the water pools and comes though once saturated sooo back to the question on sprays… anyone know of anything.

Wet suits don’t leak, either

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My diving wetsuit is so dry that I only get damp at the collar and cuffs. The material doesn't leak. The reason that you may get wet in a wet suit is because it doesn't fit properly and it allows water infiltration at the openings and pooling in the suit. The material is not porous.

Neoprene is CLOSED CELL foam. It's composed of tiny cells containing nitrogen. It's the trapped gas that provides the insulation. If neoprene was not closed cell, it would be no more effective an insulator than a kitchen sponge.

That said, neoprene can develop leaks where it's stretched or compressed. That's what's happened with your spray skirts. Thin neoprene may contain pinholes, but again, that's generally an issue with material under 2mm thick.


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I have an old nylon spray skirt that used to leak through the fabric and I used Aquaseal. I used a credit card to squeege a thin coating over the surface and that stopped the leaking. You can also use fishing wader repair stuff too. Or maybe even silicone calk?

I’m impressed
that you didn’t use the word ‘duh’

For the squeegee operation, put
the skirt on the cockpit reversed, that is with the underside up. Usually that will tension it enough to make spreading easy. I again suggest Seamgrip as an easier-spreading alternative to the very similar Aquaseal.

Gear Aid Tent Sure
Hi, I’m with Gear Aid (the makers of Seam Grip and Aquaseal). We’d recommend using Tent Sure. It’s a water-based urethane formula that has similar properties to Seam Grip and Aquaseal, only it’s easier to apply when restoring a waterproof coating vs. fixing a specific hole/tear. You can read more here: Feel free to reach out direct with any more questions.

some solutions thanks.

you might want to have a chat
with NRS. I have one of their neo skirts, and yes, it is 2 mm, but they told me that they don’t consider neo to be a waterproof material and that it will seep through the material, particularly after the DWR finish has worn off.

Snap Dragon
Get a good Snap Dragon skirt and you’ll never have complaints.