I just tried to go into Neocorp website, it has been reported as a unsafe website. Has anyone else experienced this. I do not want unsafe websites on my computer, What about yoooou. If this is not true then Neocorp needs to look at their website and correct the problem.

same here (nm)

What does Neocorps do or sell
related to paddling?

An “unsafe” tag may not be their fault, but it’ll fall on them to correct it.

Not sure about their web site, but you can find product information right here on at:


I have seen this before
, its really stupid, but since they sell bungies and ropes and “tie downs” they are probably being blocked as a bondage porn site. Some combination of words on their site probably tripped an alert on somebody’s web crawler.

My website was blocked by AOL for a long time, because they thought Paddlinpals was some sort of S & M site.

Don’t Worry
I have been to their site several times and I know what you are talking about. This may be related to an expired security certificate or something else their webmaster dropped the ball on. Your browser is trying to protect you, but being a robot, it cannot see the forest beyond the trees.

I use the “Web of Trust” add-in…
…for both Firefox and IE. It’s much better than the robot site watchers, as it allows you to post ratings on sites and add comments. Apparently, someone flagged Neocorp for spamming, but I have never had any such experience with them. I just posted a review, so hopefully it will boost their rating somewhat. If more people do this, it will help.

BTW, WoT is a great product that’s free. You can get it at

That’s the name of the virus/worm that Avast claims to have detected when I attempt to load the site.

Since I can’t load it, I don’t have the means to contact Neocorp and let them know of this issue/non-issue.

Sounds like Avast is malfunctioning
I’ve never seen any warnings about the Neocorps site from other anti-malware products.

About our website

I work at Neocorp and can assure you our site is safe. We were having an issue for some reason with Google’s new browser Chrome and it was flagging our site as unsafe. I just used Chrome on a few different computers here to view our site and thankfully, it seems to have been fixed since I didn’t receive any warning.

We have certifications from Authorize.Net and Thawte and run a secure checkout. As someone who often purchases online I make sure we have the same kind of security here that I expect from other companies.


Thanks for recommending the Web of Trust add on. I’ve downloaded it and am using it myself.

Also want to thank you for the positive review. As a US manufacturer we’ll take all the help we can get!

Take care…