Neoprene drysuit gaskets

If anyone is interested in replacing their latex drysuit gaskets with neoprene gaskets, there is a full description of the DIY project in the August issue of Sea Kayaker magazine. See

Makes good sense
I wish I bought a drysuit with neo gaskets. They look much more comfortable. Not sure about how water tight they are for a long swim but for most paddlers it makes perfect sense.

neoprene with Glideskin
I have an NRS Stampede ‘semi-drytop’. The Stampede line has neoprene (with Glideskin) neck gaskets. I wear the top rolling and playing in the surf quite a bit, so far I haven’t had any leaks. My neck could easily be described as ‘pencil-like’ - don’t know if that helps or hurts the seal.

I gave up my drytop all together, now I either wear my Stampede top or my drysuit.

I did have a Palm semi-dry top with a plain neoprene neck gasket. It was pretty much worthless for keeping water out.

Thats great news…
I was going to ask if anyone makes a retro fit for my nice stohlquist dry top 'but I didn’t think any manufacturers would allow us to have our cake without forking over for a new top\suit I’ll go out and pick up a SK rag soon thanks

Stohlquist Swicx…
I have one, and I love it…

BUT, it’s less than a year old, and I don’t know how long those gaskets will last.

When they fail, they are NOT replacable, as latex is/are.

Tha “could” be a major drawback.

A neoprene gasket
can seal just as well as a latex gasket and be more comfortable. NRS has the best neoprene gaskets available on the market from a manufacturer, but it only comes in one size. The DIY article walks you through the steps of making and installing gaskets that are made to fit you. There is no reason not to have a comfortable and dependable drysuit now.