Neoprene footwear

need advice on neoprene booties etc thanks

they go on your feet…

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what specifically would you like to know???
there are hard soles...soft soles...socks....tall...short...
portaging/hiking in them as well???
overall i use the NRS Desparado Socks...
all the time....surfing...ww....touring.....

and they stink.

That’s what
I’m looking for . Thanks

Stinking feet?

I’m picking nits, but
technically that seems more like information than advice. “They stink,” is information. “Don’t stick your nose in and sniff to see how bad they stink,” is advice.

You’d think I’d learn, after once having sniffed a bottle of clear liquid to identify it, and it turned out to be pure ammonia. And the multiple lessons with sour milk. But, nooooo, had to sniff my boots once when I left them out in the garage too long in the cold, and still damp. Smelled like a cross between upchuck and poop.

Paul S.

Advice, not descriptions
Yeah, they get stinky.

You can avoid the stinks by sink-washing them with soap and hot water (do at least two wash cycles) immediately after you get home from paddling. Then, if it’s sunny, put them outside to get some natural UV bug-killing action. If it’s both sunny and windy, you’re in luck. If you can leave them for at least two sunny days, even better.

If not, take them inside when the sun goes down and put them over a hot-air register with the heat on.

The sooner you can clean them, the better. At least that’s how it’s worked for me. If you walked in stinky muck, follow the soap-washing with alcohol soak and rinse, too. How much cleaning depends partly on where you paddled. One place I paddle always makes them stinky even after one paddle, but I’ve been on multiday trips in Yellowstone and the booties never got stinky.

Leave them
in the garage and don’t stick your nose in them. Works for me. Simpler too!

And whatever you do…
don’t pick the nits out of your boots.

Let them live in there with the stink happily ever after.



I carry a pail of soapy water when I
paddle and clean those booties good as soon as I take them off. It solved all my stinky bootie problems. Neo gloves, too.

Should the alcohol be in the form of
beer, wine, or hard liquor?

Pikabike suggested:

If you walked in stinky muck, follow the soap-washing with alcohol, soak and rinse, too.

I figure I should get plenty liquor’d up after I walk in stinky muck. Or maybe that is WHY I walked in stinky muck in the first place? So now let me get this straight, first I am supposed to walk in stinky muck, no wait, first I am supposed to wash with soap, then drink a lot of alcohol, THEN walk in stinky muck, then soak and rinse myself?

Pikabike goes on to say:

How much cleaning depends partly on where you paddled.

I paddled up here in Pennsylvania, therefore, how much cleaning do you advise? Is it different than if I paddled over in Jersey?

Jeff (with tongue firmly planted in his cheek) but at least too drunk to care after cleaning my neoprene shoes.

Thought I’d mention this again - an easy way to avoid stinking up your neo-boots is to wear socks.

The first year or so I had my boots I had to wash them constantly - and really with limited success.

Once I started wearing thin nylon socks with them the stinko-problem dissapeared. The socks are cheap, easier to wash, and dry quickly.

NRS Desperado Socks
for soft sole booties, these are hard to beat. They are slow to go stinky, too - if you dry them well, no problem. The padded soles are good for anything but water chestnut seedpods - they go right through. I use these because my size 13’s will not go into the skin boats with a hard sole bootie on.


If you want to avoid stinky boots…
…it’s not hard to do:

1- Wear socks in them. The bacteria that cause the “something crawled into my boots and died” odor feed on skin oil and dead skin cell. Wearing socks keeps those things out of your boots.

2- Rinse them after use to remove anything else that may be in them.

3- Dry them completely, preferably in the sun. If you don’t have enough time for that, drain out the rinse water and stuff them with newspaper.

Best way to De-Stink
is to put your neoprene item in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer for a couple of days. This will kill most bacteria. Then machine wash in fabric softner. They will smell great (until next time)

Out in the sun in the summer
On a boot rack in front of the woodburning stove in the winter and then they are good to go each day.



I prefer socks to booties
You can wear them with a pair of Tevas and they work fine. When they start to stink, just throw them in the washer.

Socks and sandals???
You will burn in hell just for mentioning it :wink: