Neoprene replacement neck gasket?

Looking to swap out a latex neck gasket on my Palm drytop with a neoprene replacement. Anyone know where I could order one online?


Maybe a Palm rep could help. I have
a Palm semi-dry with neoprene wrist and neck closures. The neck closure adjusts with a Velcro overband. The wrist closures are too tight, and I’m trying to stretch them before I give up and cut and stitch.

My opinion is that, unless a semi-dry top has adjustable neck and wrist closures, one should try before they buy, because neoprene gaskets are not set up to be trimmed or stretched. I’d rather deal with latex.

is Palm back in the US?
Last I heard, Palm had pulled from the US market and never really found a way back. So anything with Palm would have to involve contacting them in Europe.

I would check with your local paddling shop and see what brand dry tops/dry suits they carry and see if a neoprene replacement gasket is available through that brand. If it is a neoprene made to go on what used to have a latex, it should work just fine on your Palm.

I haven’t seen as much issue as G2D said of neoprene not working as well, but by going through a local shop, hopefully you can find a semi-dry top with the size neck on the shelf that you can try on for size, resolving any issues that may occur.

I’m not sure where to buy neoprene
gaskets but you can make some neoprene gaskets if your a bit handy. If you have some friends that would like to switch over to neoprene also it will be really inexpensive. I’ll post a link to the process I used to make and install mine if your interested. These will be the most comfortable, dependable and the last gasket you’ll have to install.