Neoprene Sheets

Does anyone make anything out of neoprene? Where’s the best place to buy sheets of closed cell neoprene? What do you use to bond it? Is it easy to work with?


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Full, queen or king sized? What about pillowcases?

Sounds kinda kinky to me.

That’s helpful. Thanks.

Try Kokatat, Stolhquist, etc…
They might sell you some, depending on how much you want… NRS too…

Can’t hurt to make a simple call…

Local wet suit manufacturer maybe.

check Quajaqusa board
The board has discussed this. Periodically they get a group order together, which saves a lot of money. But I think you will find sources there.

try this link

Google “John Sweets…”

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They sell neo of different thickness in sheets and also the cement.

I got several rolled up sheets of 3 mm and 2 mm sitting in the basement. Thought I was going to make some cockpit covers and skirts. But decided my free time is more valuable. I just buy the items when I see a good deal.

If you one of the an aspiring GoNative, DIYerselfer, you should check in at Qajaq/USA. There are periodic group orders for neo sheet buys to make tuiliqs.



Works best with water
but a little Dawn aids in the action.

Sweet website
Here’s the website for Sweet Composites (formerly John Sweet’s).

Seattle Fabrics

Dawn who?

This is the best price
I have found on sheets of neoprene.

This is the best deal I’ve seen. The site is also very user friendly. Thanks for all the advice everyone.

alternative to neo
polartec aquashell. Designed for immersion. Available in long wearing “velour” faced or the ever popular (sexy?) urethane faced. Really stretchy, warm, fast drying and offers a wide range of comfy temps. I use the velour stuff and it is between a 3mm and 2mm in warmth.

Easy to sew requires no finishing of the edges.

check this out

they have alot of things you may want, and pretty easy prices.