Neoprene skirt for Nighthawk 16

Can anyone recommend a good neoprene sprayskirt for the Nighthawk 16? From what I can tell, it should use size 1.4. I have been practicing rolling and the the nylon skirt I have now is letting in too much water. Thanks.

I purchased
A few years ago I was having the same problem. The nylon skirt that Eddyline sold for the boat was no good for rolling or extreme edges and braces. I went to Sessouit Creek Outfitters in Dennis the owner was extrememly helpful and hooked me up with a current designs neoprene sprayskirt. The tag says

#1 Large Size Base fits - cd boats PA/ GT/ EXP/ LI/ XT/ Storm.

The owner of the Kayak shop had me test it out before I purchased it , it was a good fit.

is a good brand.

Check what
Immersion Research (IR) has to offer. I have a Navideck 1.7 for my Tsunami. It is a great skirt for touring, not WW though. Bungee rand, lightweight 1 or 2mm neoprene. Has this great mesh pocket with a zipper sewn into the deck. I really like mine. They recently replaced the Navideck with a new model that looks just as good.

Any Neo Skirt For That Boat By The Major
brands will do better than a nylon skirt. And most of the major brands will have a skirt sized for that boat since it’s been around for quite awhile. Check the fit lists for each of the brands.