neoprene skirt for zydeco????

I just bought a zydeco and am looking at neoprene skirts for it. I know the cockpit is fairly large and I am having a hard time finding one that fits. Does anyone have any recommendation on a neoprene one that fits the zydeco. I think the cockpit is 38" x 21". thanks

it is NOT fairly large –
it is HUGE ! Gonna take some searching to find one that BIG . Harmony makes nylon dec’s for it , but I would try contacting Dagger first . You could always have one custom made by NRS or someone. —M

Why a neo skirt
rough conditions, holding out water in a roll, handling a breaking 4 footer at sea without imploding?

This boat is not the most appropriate for any of these conditions and a neoprene skirt will not accomplish making it so.

If warmth is what you oare going for, right on. Snapdragons will make you one up custom if you work through a dealer and i like theri skirts. Want to do it yourself? Look for this

And do you have full secured floataion in both ends of that boat? you should! before even thinking about a skirt.

neoprene skirt for Zydeco
We have two Zydecos. Contact Snapdragon direct for your skirt. They have a new size that is Zydeco-specific and most dealers aren’t aware of the proper size. Snapdragon will refer you to a dealer and follow-up with your order.

Also, smile at some of the snide remarks about the Z. It’s classified as a rec boat and “kayakers” tend to frown on rec boats. Ironically, people are always asking about our Z’s when we have them on the water. The cockpit is large for a reason but not huge (Dagger’s white water cockpits are 34X19). The skirt is a good idea because the Z will handle white water within its limits (along with a lot of applications, which is exactly what makes it a nice boat). Also, see our review here on for more info.

Enjoy yours!!