Neoprene Sprayskirts Recommendations

As you can tell from my recent posts, I am getting back to paddling with immediate plans to learn/refine paddling technique. So…I want to buy a neo sprayskirt. It has been awhile since I have looked into neo skirts.

I have a RM Tempest 170, and am planning on purchasing a Brooks Spirit Rubber Rand Neo Tour. ( ) It seems to have what I am looking for, including a zippered deck pocket. I have always thought Brooks makes great products.

Does anyone have any strong recommendations for other neo skirts (with pocket)…and/or had any problems with Brooks neo skirts?

‘Soon to be rollin & scullin Bob’

WildWasser Neo Pocket
is the one that I use. It is fairly dry and well armored around the edges.

I have no experience with the Brooks skirt.

Mt. Surf
The driest skirt I’ve used is a rubber-rand model from Mountain Surf. The seal to the cockpit rim is tighter than the bungee skirts I’ve used.

I’ve never used a Brooks skirt, so no comment good or bad. Several folks here have mentioned liking Snap Dragon skirts.

I bought a Brooks skirt last year. Their skirts are excellent. They do have a problem with their fit list, though. I have CD Caribou that I bought it for, and it doesn’t fit, even though the fit list says it should (The Caribou has a weird cockpit shape, so I wasn’t surprised). No real problem, I have another boat that it does fit nicely.

Your boat should be fine – the cockpit rim is a standard shape.


I’ve been happy so far
with my Brooks sprayskirt (have had it almost a year). I didn’t see the model I have on their website, probably because it is a custom skirt made for the cockpit coamings of Pygmy stitch and glue kayaks. I could not find a reasonably priced neoprene skirt to fit the coaming on my Arctic Tern, so I went with the Brooks custom skirt. It uses a shock cord rather than rubber rand to stretch over the coaming. Its pocket is on the tunnel and has a velcro closure, (not exactly handy when your pfd is on, but fine for holding little things needed when you’re on shore!) and the tunnel adjusts with straps/plastic buckles on both sides of the waist. The straps have never worked themselves loose when I’ve been paddling, but are easy to loosen when you need to. The only thing I need to be careful of, because I am rather small waisted, is that I have to kind of fold the excess tunnel material as I tighten the straps, otherwise it bunches up and pokes into my sides and that gets uncomfortable after paddling awhile- no big deal at all, but still worth mentioning, I think. I haven’t seen any wear on the skirt yet. 'Hope this helps you with your decision! w.d.

I’m with ya…
neo-neo for winter and neo-nylon for summer.

Love the tapered tunnel and the deck pocket. Even has a high visibility grab loop. Add the orange wiffel (sp?) golf ball anyway!

Never thought I’d get away from my Snapdragons but the Wildwasser skirts have done it.

Pleasant waters.