Neoprene suit... opinions on this one?

What do you guys think about it? it will be used in early spring paddling in Ontario. When June comes around any kind of suit around here (unless on Lake Ontario) wont be used as its just too hot and water good enough.


Sounds Good In Itself…

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Newer ultra stretch neo, liquid sealed seams, back flushing barrier for the short zip...

The issue is what's the air and water temp expected and whether you can roll and cool off.

A 4/3 spring/fall suit by itself ain't bad for spring and fall but a 3/2 combo with a dry or semi dry top would probably be more versatile, if you can get back into the boat relatively quickly in colder water.

I used a 6/5/4 today in the surf on a waveski for 40 degree air and 41 water temp. I was hot but could roll to cool off.

I use 4/3 when water is still under 50 and air temps under 50.

I can use a 3/2 and a drytop with the above temps in a surf kayak (less constant exposure) but not with a waveski.

I love the new neo stuff. Feels like I paddling next to being naked (I don't wear anything under a good fitting wetsuit).


ou should try paddling naked on a SOT, we do all the time :slight_smile: