Neoprene toxic??

I bought a neoprene seat cushion for my kayak and decided to try it on my office chair. I noticed that it had a very strong odor and was affecting my breathing. I did a bit of research and discovered that neoprene off gasses are considered toxic. Is this a problem in a closed environment but not in or on the water? Is anyone concerned about this?

I used to be worried
that it might cause brain damage but now it’s not much of a prrrbtt czzrgthb tomato refrigerator whaaaass


Technique used in manufacturing

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It is NOT all equal and processing varies.
The stuff has been around since the 1930's .

There may be some unreacted polymer residues
and/or degraded products in it that ""may""
appear as outgassed components.

Neoprene is a homopolymer of chloroprene (chlorobutadiene).

I’d be more concerned
about the strong odor that affects your breathing from neoprene booties.

Always got a rash from my wetsuit until
I started wearing a full body, nylon suit under it.

Don’t buy cheap chineses neoprene
What you are smelling are co-solvents and unreacted monomers (which are toxic). Cheap Chinese neoprene is known to have lots of residual solvents like benzene, xylene and chorinated hydrocarbons.

Air the stuff out in the sunshine for a long time before you use it.

You need to stop…
eating beans morning, noon and night!

Or start taking Beano


Guess I will have to pass
up the $20 wetsuit at Decathlon Sports when I go to Beijing the week after next

next time smell BEFORE sitting on it

I had to get rid of this thing. After airing outdoors for several days it was still obnoxious. My neoprene booties and mukluks don’t smell a bit.

Might have been the glue
I assume the seat had a fabric cover, which might have been glued on with something fumaceous.

All my neoprene has smelled simply like neoprene, nothing strong or sickening. It loses intensity with time, airing, and use anyway.

It’s also possible that the seat was stored with strong odors from something else and absorbed the fumes.

Put it out in the sun for week …
and scrub it down with dish soap.

More likely what Seadart said
The odor was definitely from the neoprene side and did not diminish at all after being left outdoors for several days.