nephew sent me link ......

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....... large (3") round bobbers (pin and slip type) , inline weight (current determines what weight), barrel swivel , leader and hook (6/o - 8/o circle) , live eels (12"-18"),

set up numerous rods from directly behind boat to farther out , cover the depth ranges desired (ex: 10'- 40') , bottom also ,

anchore and drift rigs back onto target , or just drift through stacked fish ,

said to produce outstanding numbers of large Stripers ,

fishing for big Stripers with bobbers and eels ... late season tatic proven to out fish (consistently) and produce large 40" size mostly ,

invented and proven by S.Cheasepeake tackle shop (Striper fishing) guys and captains in the know ??

Personally have never tried this presentation , never considered "bobbers" set out in the column depths ... but you can be sure we will be giving it it's fair share of experimenting !!

It's so simple , so practical and seems to do all the things required to make a good presentation in the column ... hard to believe it's such a relatively new approach for Striper fishing !!

I've used live eels live lining many times over the years , when I thought they were the better method given place and season ... and they do work very well under certain conditions ... but BOBBERS , this will be interesting , like putting little pieces of night crawler on a hook and bobber and dropping in on Bluegills ... but magnified to Striper tactic !!

I'm just shaking my head and laughing , because I'm thinking it's a sure fire tactic that will produce major results !! My nephew comes across some right smart ideas sometimes , he's a sharp new ager , I'm an old school fart !!

Live or cut bait.
Try as we might, nothing much matches it for effectiveness.

All our finesse and technology with artificial lures doesn’t hold a candle to real honest-to-God food for these fish.

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nice to see an old dog
can still learn new tricks. i know i will fully benefit from this method if it pans out. the whole principal all ready has me visualising myself struggling to boat some huge stripers.