Net/ Paint rivers in Michigan UP

I am planning a 2-3 day trip this spring down the Net and then down the Paint rivers. I have read “Canoeing Michigan Rivers” and “Paddling Michigan”. Any personal experiences?

Net/Paint rivers in michigan up
I have paddled that system Started in the wide water area. Nice trip two short drops along the net. First one I paddles and portaged the second. Very senic river. Have paddled the paint all the way down to Brule river. Any ? e me at

Net/ Paint rivers in Michigan UP
I have done the Paint from Forest Hwy 16 to US 141 a couple of times. Portaged Hemlock Rapids with my wife but successfully ran it with friend on the second trip in an open canoe. The Paint is a very pretty river but on the upper reaches be prepared to walk the boat through rocks and gravel bars. You probably won’t have to worry about that below where the Net empties in.

The Paint above the Net has limited choices for camping spots and we found ticks to be a problem where we camped in a cutover field in early May. Nevertheless we had one freak warm day and found ourselves comfortably swimming in the Paint around May 10th. But count on that happening about once a century. With my wife we paddled in early June and hit another super hot day. Turned out Iron Mt. was the hottest spot in the nation that day. We found deer cooling themselves in the river around almost every bend. Enjoy the trip