Neuse river

Heading to New Bern,North Carolina and staying on the Neuse river. Has anyone kayaked this section of the river or nearby Trent river? Looking for any trip reports on current,general conditions and fishing.

Twin Rivers Paddle Club

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I live about an hour from New Bern. There are many great areas, with in a 10 - 45 minute drive. The Twin Rivers Paddle Club, is based in New Bern. They know every nook of the Neuse. I know a few of TRPC members very well. I will pass along your request.

Also, coastal areas are only 45 minutes away. Many great spots.

Great to know of a paddling club in New Bern. I will def check it out!!

Paddle Trails Link
I came across this, while looking for something else. This may help you out, if not to late.

head net light gloves
heavy socks

neuse river
my brother and i are going down the neuse from highway 42 in Clayton to New Bern. We are leaving Friday. maybe we will see you on the water.

Medawgone, great paddle map…
…I will reference this for sure. We are renting a house across from New Bern, right on the river. We intend to take the kayaks to different areas. Already decided on the cow pen landing access. Thanks!

2labdad, not familiar yet…
…with the area. I literally found it on google maps searching for lakes and rivers with a coastal forest nearby. Is your paddle trip multi-day? How long a distance from Clayton to New Bern?

Neuse trip…4 days…
Hi, it took us 4 days to get from Clayton to Kinston. There was no current and the water was very low. There was a few spots that we had to portage because of the low water level. We had a blast and Although I came up short of where I wanted to be I still feel like it was a success. If you have any questions feel free to email be at