Never a mention of Hurricane Aquasport Kayaks?

Just wondered why never lists a single Hurricane in its reviews or availability. In NY I have purchased the older Phoenix 140 and two years ago replaced it with their Skimmer 128. The first, came in at 58 lbs and my Skimmer is less than 50 with the seat. I made mine into fishing kayaks. Made with thermoform in North Carolina and with customer service provided by the unexcelled Lydia McGee, I simply want to understand why ignores this fine firm.

Found a whole bunch here:

Huh. Even includes my own review of the Skimmer 128. Yet whenever I get the weekly “newsletter” from which invariably has reviews, Hurricanes are never included. Is there a bias against thermaform plastic? I know that at my age and size I would never be able to heft an albeit cheaper rotomolded yak of the same size.

I can’t address the lack of Hurricane boats in the newsletter, but I imagine there are a lot of manufacturers that aren’t included. This may be a matter of sponsorship or related to the activity on the site related to the brand.

Eddyline comes up often so I can’t imagine it has anything to do with thermoformed construction.

It must be according to who pays to have their brand featured.

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Shades of paranoia?

paranoia ?

I would be guessing that showing up in the newsletter is a “pay to play” situation, with sponsors right at the top of the list. You always take care of the ones who take care of you.

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Sad but true. Its why I always try to get personal reviews of things, and not from MSM, firms, etc. I would like to think that Consumer Reports is an exception.

The review section is where I always look, I take the newsletter for what it is, an ad. I have written several reviews myself and read many. The community has a very broad knowledge and experience base.