New ABS kayak arrived with a big crack

Well Dang It to Dixie Delmar! I’ve…
…been had!!!

I’m possessing of a veritable fleet of said canoe vessels, darn near go’ n on for twenty plus years now, and yet all your ledgered vagaries to the human condition known as well being have chosen to insert their unwanted and uninvited vexations to my otherwise peaceful existence on more than several occasions! And I might add there are a few of these demons which continue to hover about my otherwise charming exterior, robbing it of the ample top dressing (“My hair!!!”) necessary for properly affix’n a gentleman’s chapeau in periods of undue windage, or accumulating their unwanted presence amidships so as to require multiple trips to the tailor for more commodious alterations to the personal wardrobe. (“Damn! We’re in a tight spot!”)

However, this ED fella you speak of, who has been hanging about for some considerable time, does still occasionally give cause to believe he’s a standup guy.

Now, I’m not one to go casting my human power of reason blithely away per ascribin’ in silly superstitions, but then perhaps there does warrant some cause to believe, as that grizzled old sage of Hacken…Hacki…northern Jersey would so loudly profess, in that strange dialect foreign to the untrained westerners ear, that a single kayak, even a mere Piccolo of the cockpitted concoction, cohabitating midst the racked canoe collective, is bound to bring a fella all sorts of ominous ailments.

Oh, did I mention I seem to be cracking apart faster then the gelcoat on my ancient Explorer?

what a saga :slight_smile:
happy that the store treated you right.

your posts didn’t say where you are.

or if you need this kayak for a trip and if so where you are headed.

sometimes a kayak safari is needed to find a particular type of kayak. Tandems are not a hot item for all the reasons mentioned so they are not a real common or plentiful stock item.

still if I knew more about where you are and if you are headed somewhere to use this tandem I might have a contact or two who could help. “Might” because I don’t know which country or state you are in.

Here in Michigan I saw a splendid Eddyline Shasta tandem listed for weeks.Eddyline has a superb reputation for build quality. Some of their kayaks are their own proprietary thermoformed plastic, othes are in fiberglass.

The downriver kayak shop Riverside Kayak Connection has had a tandem or two in the warehouse. I last recall an NDK Triton but I believe that has sold. They will also do rentals for people taking them on trips with the appropriate ID and deposit. The rental fee all or in part (I can’t remember) would be credited towards a purchase.

Just an example of the strategies you can use from your location.

It was an omen! You’re lucky!
My advice: Get two Hurricane Sojourn 135’s.

I (we) had a tandem kayak once. We quickly replaced it with two singles and found the experience far more enjoyable. Go where you want, when you want, at the speed you want. No need to be joined at the hip to your paddling partner.

Good lord, the Delta 20T weighs 82 lbs. Not something you would want to put on your car very often, which means it will sit in the garage most of the time.

For your husband’s shoulder, with the money you save on the Sojourns, get a good carbon paddle. A light, stiff paddle makes a very big difference with shoulder pain.