New ABS kayak arrived with a big crack

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Hi there. After much research on my husband's part, we ordered a tandem Delta 20T and it arrived with a long crack in it by the bulkhead. This is our first kayak. The store offered to fix it for us. Would you accept a fix or try to get another kayak? I'm worried that whatever caused the crack might have messed with the seal on the front cockpit too.

I'm having problems locating another 20T on short notice. If we have to go with another tandem touring kayak, any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

I wouldnt take it unless
I wouldn’t take it unless they gave you a big discount on it and a guarantee if problems occur down the line they fix or replace it.

No idea on divorce kayaks. Good luck.

I would
not accept it.

I am not a kayaker.

But if I ordered a brand new canoe, and I paid the price for a brand new canoe; I would not want a damaged canoe, and I would not want a damaged canoe that the seller offered to fix.

Why should you accept damaged goods?

You didn’t order or pay for damaged goods.

What happens a year from now if “the fix” cracks again? Who pays to have it fixed, again? I’m betting you will be the one who pays.

I’d want my money back(all of it), and I’d be searching for a new & undamaged boat. And if I had to buy a different brand; so be it.


I don’t think I have ever seen an ABS

Polyethylene yes. My suspicion is the store misrepresented the boat and is trying to get away with the least inconvenience.

Id go to another store… and not accept that boat.

No idea where you’re located
but Eddyline makes tandem kayaks:

I would not accept any boat with such a defect, even with a repair offer.

The store was fine
Thanks for the opinions from more experienced paddlers!

We did leave the kayak at the store. They offered a decent discount on it and to fix it, but this being our first boat I didn’t want to get a damaged one. No problems with them doing a return. They were nice as could be. I was just sitting here wondering what to do now since we have about 5 weeks by a lake and no kayak. That led me to ask if the fix was a viable option.

Thanks for the Eddyline recommendation. I’ll look into it. It’s just hard to find dealers in the area.

Really bummed about the kayak being damaged though. That was the type of kayak we wanted. Hard to find a replacement on short notice.

Locally there are Necky Manitou IIs and Perception Coves as far as tandems go. Not quite what we wanted.

“this is our first kayak…”
I don’t know if you’re superstitious, but I would take that as a sign and get a nice pair of kayaks, instead. They don’t even have to match. Custom sized for individual comfort.

You did the best thing
Store also did right by you.

Can you rent a kayak(s) for those 5 weeks? Or even buy 2 inexpensive rec kayaks and sell them after your vacation.

No, we’re not superstitious. Saw it as FedEx sitting something heavy on the boat in transit when they shouldn’t have. We’ve thought about getting two singles, but with my shoulder issues, my husband is more comfortable with us being in the same boat.

ABS is a thermoformed material
that makes up most TF kayaks. I only know this because I did some research after getting confused with the two terms seemingly being used synonymously, which was making me crazy(er).

wise move
Good to hear the store was honorable.

@nd the suggestion to rent. Then, I’d look to buy used, lots of ads in the classifieds here and elsewhere depending on where you are.

Still trying :slight_smile:
I’m looking into rentals now.

I’ve also been calling various dealers within a four hour ride to see if there’s a tandem in stock that we want. So far, zero luck. One particularly nice sales person even offered to lend us a tandem while ordering us a new one, but lead time was 6 weeks and we would be out of the area by then. :frowning:

There’s a Necky Looksha tandem that I could order, but I’m a little apprehensive due to the reviews for that type of kayak being “tippy.”

stung !
send it back immediately . take photos, witness for affidavit.

get your money back and run

Perhaps you put the cart before horse
Kayaks are not tippy. People are.

Lessons first. Then buy used. Your first boat will not be your last boat, guaranteed.

Success in paddling is much less about the boat, a fair amount about the paddle, and the most about the paddler.

Good point, paddlers are also part of the equation. :smiley:

We’ve been looking at used too, but none in the area have caught our eye. The search continues.

Maybe in the meantime since you seem to be AT a lake for some summer time…borrow or rent a canoe? I think every lake has a couple just laying around?

Good luck.

It was fine. :slight_smile:
The store was great. They returned the boat, no problems. In fact, they were the ones that told us about the crack on the deck.

We’ll find something to rent, I’m sure. I’m not great at asking to borrow things.

yeah, ahemcanoecough
easier on the shoulder, most are tandem, easier to get in and out of. Canoes eliminate grey hair, bulging waistelines, shyness, baldness, ED, and various cancers.