New accessory, not for paddlingl

Isn’t Texas one of those states where they issue you a gun if you don’t have one?

Wish. Your walker would win an award though. Every door greeter at every Wal Mart will want one.

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A newish non lethal alternative.


Saw one Wednesday. Worth exploring, especially as an added option.

I used a walker after each knee replacement, and I will be using one again short term in December and January because I can’t use my cane after hand surgery [new walker has an arm brace!] – I put some grosgrain ribbon ties on mine just so I could easily identify it among all the others at physical therapy. Go for it – it’s better to have fun with [make fun of?] these aids… And I do still kayak, too.


You’ll shoot your tennis balls off, kid!

And whatever you do, don’t insult that young lady waiting on you at Applebees!

I think she’s got a leg up on ya.