New accessory, not for paddlingl

My inability to walk unaided requires me to use a walker. Thank goodness I’m still fine in my kayak.
My daughter came by and told me she had seen people decorating their walkers so I thought I’d give it a try.
What do you think?

PS: No grizzlies were harmed by this accessory.


Just do not shoot off a big toe.

Or a little one!


Like rattles on a snakes tail or teeth shown by a growling bear, that’s one of natures ways of says “don’t screw with me”!

Just Excellent!!!

Except that open carry is a no no. I have a CWP so i could add a little decoration to hide it. Or stick it in my belt.

Better yet, a sign that says

I might not walk well,
but I can still fight.

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Better yet, avoid places where it might be needed and leave it home, which is what I do.

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Tricky part is you never know when you might need it.

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I hope it has a lock on it. The big problem with street guns is that most of them were stolen, mostly from cars, many of whom were not locked.

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It doesn’t get or stay in a vehicle unless I’m in it.

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Look at the news. Many time things have happened in an area, event, or location that was deemed safe

That borders on paranoia.

No, some people choose to carry and be prepared wherever they go (or allowed to carry). Others don’t. I carry a flashlight because it gets dark every day. A gun will hopefully be used at a lower frequency.

Avoiding “bad” areas can mitigate some risk, but carrying can mitigate some more of it.

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Paranoia to some, being prepared to others.

I found in Maryland that it’s a longer more costly process to buy a gun, even if you have no criminal history, than it takes for a criminal to be processed and released following a felony, even if they have a lengthy criminal history of violent crime. Ate you safe in your home?

The catch is it depends what “home” is like.

Love it, its like a “Texas Ranger Walker”. :wink:


I feel ya Jyak. I love it how Maryland’s motto is the “Free State” , far from it. When I lived in Maryland many moons ago, I was on the Board of the Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association and even 30 years ago the laws were outrageous. Back then we were fighting the so called “Saturday Night Special” law , to no avail, which let unelected bureaucrats decide which hand guns had a “legitimate purpose”, whatever that meant. I moved to Texas and life is much better.


Convoluted. Isn’t it.