New ACS seat from Old Town/Necky

I sat in one of these today and have to say it was really, really comfortable—most comfortable seat I’ve ever sat in. The previous Old Town seat (ExtraSport XtraComfort) was pretty good; the ACS is better. It felt both supportive and soft; good thigh support; the shape and position of the lumbar support seemed just right. It has 5 height positions like the previous seat. The straps have been improved.

It looks like you can order one for $150 directly from Old Town.

The main problem with this seat is that it has a plastic frame that holds the seat and back together, and they hang from a frame that screws into the sides of the kayak (more accurately, next to the coaming). I’m always reluctant to drill holes and make any permanent modifications to a kayak that will affect resale.

The frame and hanger on the ACS may or may not fit your kayak. In case you’re interested, the distance between the screws that hold the hanger is 20 1/4". Width of the seat at the widest part is 20". Width of the back is about 15".

I sure am tempted to get one of these.

What happens to the back of the seat
when you try to slide back into cockpit on a rough day, re-entry ?

thigh braces on that Necky
in the video look great.

Gotta find out if Necky would sell them separately.

Would make a nice upgrade to the homemades on my

North Shore Fuego.

as for the seat - the cupholder is done well '-)

Agreed Salty : ) * NM *

Wouldn’t put it
in a boat I’d take out in rough water, but looks good for use within its limitations. Cush seat & cup holder. It’s MEANT to be in a Humphrey’s boat, eh Patrick?

Yep, as long as you don’t fall out
( and have to get back in ) from the margaritas in the water bottle : )

The back folds forward
I practiced reentry with the previous Old Town seat and didn’t have much trouble getting back in the cockpit. I slid right over the seat back as it folded forward. Folks who don’t consider that ideal can put the back in the lowest position.

The question you raise applies to all seatbacks as opposed to backbands. Some sea kayaks now have a seatback rather than a backband.

Going to retrofit my Charleston 15!

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After paddling a rental while on vacaction with a newer style seat and being comfortable ALL DAY!...changes must be made.

This seat is so comfortable for my tall frame. It's the best back support I have ever sat in .... and my old back needs it!!
The seat hangers are not limited to 20 1/4". I made measurements and found them as wide as 22 1/2" on some Old Towns. The way it mounts allows for a lot of custom fit adjustment to any Kayak in both width and seat depth. I am fed up with the poor seat of my 2004 Dagger Charleston 15 and will be cutting it out and retrofitting this seat system next week when my local Dealer (Kelly's Canoe & Kayak) gets it in. I will gladly post pictures once finished.

YES It does sit higher than a backband ... but at 6' 2" back bands are just too low on my frame for support.