New AE Inflatbale Convertible

Just entered the kayak world with a new Advanced Elements Inflatable Convertible. I camp with a 5th wheel and didn’t want to figure out how to hook-up a kayak to my tow-able. After my maiden 3 hour voyage I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Especially trying to get my Boxer comfortable. My hope is that I can slip the inflated Kayak into my 5th wheel between trips. I can’t think of any negatives to keeping it inflated in our mild climate in Seattle. My next task is getting my wife to like it as much as I do. Wish me luck!!!

Paddling companions
I’ll bet the wife will love it - just let her lead! And if the Boxer’s happy, haven’t you already got it made?

I keep my Aires inflated all the time. In fact, they recommend it. Just keep it inflated to soft pressure.

Good luck
We had the AE convertible for a year before we went for a hard shell yak and it was loads of fun. Great for people short on storage space. Invest in a rechargeable pump so can do 3/4 of the hard work of pumping and just top off with hand pump. I can’t see any reason you can’t keep it inflated or slightly deflated.

Either this
or Inova (Helios, Safari). With inflatable floor I would be concerned about those dog paws (and he may jump or stand on the side balloons too).

Another alternative is folding kayak like Folbot. Better paddling and usually more durable in non-whitewater situations. But they take too much efforts to assemble for a day-trip, and other brands take longer yet (or cost more), and slipping it assembled into trailer isn’t realistic unless it’s a Toy Hauler trailer.