New "Affordable" RM Surf Kayak

-- Last Updated: Jun-27-05 5:04 AM EST --

Even with shipping, we are talking under $900. That's on the low end of brand new white water boats sold in the US.

Riot has reintroduced the Boogie with updated outfitting. Having owned and surfed the Boogie, I think it's a great intro surf kayak for "newbies" and even veteran surf kayakers who want a no worry boat for rocky breaks. Who are these "newbies?" They're the folks who normally paddle white water, have a roll and are not averse to playing in the "rough stuff."

For the North American companies who say there is "no market" for such a boat, I think you're wrong and have thought that for several years now. There are bunches of white water paddlers up and down both coasts who can readily access surf and often resort to surfing with their white water boats when the natural runs are drying up. In the northeast, I personally have seen the interest in surf and surf specific crafts shoot up at least a couple if not several hundred percentage points in the last couple of years. That interest would be even higher were introductory level surf boats available to them.

You would think market R&D would allow North American companies to get ahead of the market curve... to lead rather than follow. But Mega has jumped into the void, going after the Riot Boogie. What a great thing for current and future surf kayakers!

I'll be ordering one of the new Maverick surf kayaks in the future. I would have love to have been able to buy a North American or US product. But so be it. It's a global economy.


it’ll be great to have one more option
for a plastic surf yak!

another one?
Did I read that right that you’re going to buy this one as well? You’re nuts sing. As for this kayak, it’s perfect for someone like me (whitewater, strong roll, interested in surf kayaking, cheaper) although I would probably be even more interested in a used Boogie. Heck it doesn’t even matter as I doubt I’ll be able to find consistent surf on Lake Michigan until the fall. Learning to playboat and learn all those silly Greenland rolling tricks is already taking up all my time!

Hard Pressed, You Would Be…

– Last Updated: Jun-27-05 11:25 AM EST –

in finding a used Boogie. I think the reintroduction of the Boogie actually generated more interest in the boat. I haven't seen a used Boogie posted in awhile. And, I always keep my eyes open for it in case any one in our surf group is interested (since several are interested in a dedicated surf boat).


BTW. I checked with Mega. Shipping for this boat is $270. That would bring this boat right into the Boogie range, in which case, I would say get a new Boogie (North American made) if you're 180 lbs and under. The Maverick supposedly can take a slightly heavier and bigger paddler and has a more up to date "high performance" design.

PPS. Yes. I am nuts. I just scored a used Booster 50 to replace two boats I got rid off. I needed to if I want to have my younger son continue ww with me. He is getting a bit big of the other play oriented boats I have.

Sing, I concede!
Buying you dinner is much cheaper than going through a divorce! How about the Red Wing Diner, Rte 1, Walpole, Mass in November?

Looks Like…
That looks kinda like a sit inside waveski…

we’ll paddle, be it surf, white water or touring. Then i’ll take you to my favorite Asian restaurant. You can save the Taco Bell for me when I get out to SC in March. :slight_smile:


More Info
Your observation is correct…its darn near a sit inside wave ski. There has been tons of chatter over on the Surf Zone board of…including commentary by the boat’s developer/builder. The announcement has stirred up an interesting exchange on the subjects of weight, material and design. A fun read if you’re into paddle surfing.

I Need To Check Out BT SZ
I haven’t been kayak surfing for a long time now, but I have hopes for this fall.

Get One Of Each…
waveski, HP and IC surf kayaks and render the whole debate moot. That’s, of course, my opinion. :slight_smile: While some will try, I am not sure a deck kayak, no matter how “ski-like” the hull design, will get to the same level of acrobatics. As for me, I don’t care. I am not sure every surf paddler’s goal is to catch alot of air and off the lip moves. Some folks a quite happy with long, diagonals and graceful turns of the IC boats. Right now, I prefer to a surf deck boat when it gets darn cold and will learn and use the waveski when the temps are more reasonable (relative determination).


Action Pics Of The Maverick!

That is one sweet looking boat. It looks like the boat can really carve up those clean waves! The action pics will do much to promote the boat. I think this boat fills a vital niche for an affordable plastic surf kayak.


PS. I don’t work for Mega but I support any company that is willing to produced a quality, introductory plastic surf boat that will bring accessibible and affordable high quality surf kayak to newbies and potential newbies.