New Aquabound Carbon paddles

Has anyone tried or even seen one of the new Aquabound carbon paddles?

None of my local places seem to have them yet.

Big Blades
Those blades are really wide. A wide blade will make you tired even with a light paddles…

alot of blade area - - -
good for surf play but hard on you for long paddles.

cheak to see exactly what is carbon , sometimes it’s just the blade or the shaft , will all effect price and feel .


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old, battered, abused, but takes-a-lickin-and still-keeps-kickin Aquabound Seaclude -in dimensions. The Carbon Mariner tourer is 6-1/2" X 20", and the old Seaclude is 6-1/2 X 18". Big diff in the weight department, tho' -mine comes in at ~40-41 oz, the Mariner weighs in a couple divisions downscale, a relative lightweight at 27 oz.

The weight savings might be nice over a long haul, but I've paddled with some relatively light paddles I've borrowed (and I now have a glass Werner, too), and some of them just didn't feel right -they were TOO light...! Go figure.

I do just fine with my old Seaclude in most instances -and in most cases, I appreciate that it's a 240 cm blade.

So maybe they're not as oversized as some think... But because they're EXPENSIVE carbon, I'll probably pass on using one for my kind of kayaking down here in the land of coral rock and mangrove root shores, amd use my current crop of 'toughies' as I

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

I must say I still sometimes use my Aquabound Seaquel when I have to be absolutely sure I will not break a paddle.

The Seaquel is bigger than Frank’s Seaclude. A full power blade for WW and surfing. It is pretty much indestructable. No room for a spare on a surf kayak, and no time to swap paddles.

I doubt they can match the craftsmanship, or the price, of Patrick’s Onno paddles, which are about the same size. What is up with that little twist up on the end? I wondeer if that will flutter?

For easy trips, I must say I like a nice narrow blade. It is easier on my injured shoulder. I use the Wind Swift Tsunami Chuck gave me a lot. I wish Patrick would make a narrow blade like that for the women and old men!

I use a Seaclude now
But I’m looking for something lighter, better sexier.

If you just multiply the stated length x width the Mariner is quite a bit larger than the Seaclude.

I like the Seaclude, but I think I could handle something with more bite.

An Onno Mid-Tour is right in between the two.

I spoke with a sales kid a Campmor this evening who said that he has demoed the new Aquabounds and liked them. Unfortunately, Campmor decided not to stock any.

I have a new four piece Aguabound carbon and it seems very nice .Havnt tried it out yet but it should be easy to use compared to my Lendal.

The Lendal does tire me out a bit ,though it is a great paddle .John

Where did you buy it?

Where did you buy it? I see from your profile you are in North Jersey, not too far from me.

Hey, I DO make a blade like that…
In fact I am, as time allows, I am working on another profile that is super ‘soft’. These smaller paddles are the ones that go below one pound and are hard to tell if something is in your hands or not.

The Mid-Tour has closer to the SAME amount of power as not as the Seaclude even though the #s are not quite the same. Have another unlisted model inbetween the Mid and Full too.

O.K., thanks Brent for letting me answer.

Hey, I’d like to buy one!

I’d like to buy one of your paddles, but you haven’t returned any of the phone messages or e-mails that I’ve left you.

The carbon Aguabound came from a west cost Feathercraft dealer .He thought it better than

the folding kayaks builders own paddle . I am

reapeating this on the list for those interested .