New Aquabound Paddles?

Since bending branches took over Aquabound a while ago i noticed that they dropped the full carbon versions of the slice and glide from their line, i assume so they would have less competition between the manta and sting rays from aquabound. But just the other day i was looking at aquabounds new site, and they now have some even lighter carbon paddles called the Surge Swell and Spindrift, but they all are offered with the twistlock ferrules the old BB paddles had. It’s nice to see theyt didn’t just buy out aquabound to get rid of competition, but it would be nice to have the option between the TLC lock or the twist lock, unless i am misunderstanding what i read on the site.

On a side note, anyone tried these new blades out? or plan on getting one anytime soon? I can’t even find a price for anything other that the FG versions yet, which seem like they may be up around werner prices.

ferrule options
I think the PLUS ferrule is an upgrade over the TLC. It doesn’t have a knob-like profile that the TLC has and you can adjust the length as well. So if you’re going to spend the money on a carbon laminate paddle you might as well get the better ferrule, no?

I agree, but some don’t
I have a banding branches paddle and i have no issues with the twist lock, but i have heard people who have had trouble with or don’t like the cam system.

The other issue that some might have is that while it is convenient to adjust the length for some, if you know the specific length you want it is alot of extra material and weight for a paddle you’re paying quite a bit for which is supposed to be as light as possible