New Balance Water Shoe?

OK, I’ve seen articles in both National Geographic Adventure and Paddler magazines for this new water shoe from New Balance…the 920. The article refers you to the New Balance site for more info but there is nothing about the shoe on the sebsite. Web searches for “New Balance 920” turn up nothing. I’m a big New Balance fan as they are the best all around shoes I’ve ever owned and was really excited to see they were venturing into watersports. Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere either in person or online? Thanks!

new balance
Haven’t seen 'em, but I’ll be looking!

I took to wearing a regular pair of NB shoes this summer, after looking in vain for something to fit my “Flintstone feet”. The NB’s may not drain water, but they are wide enough, have a grippy sole, and have laces instead of cute leetle velcro straps that aren’t long enough to go around my foot.

I feel your pain…
with my 10-4E’s. I’ve always had to buy/wear other brands of shoes and either buy them in 10’s and deal with them being tight or watch them slowly split out on the side seams over a a few months of wear. If I went up to a longer shoe that was wide enough it would flop on my foot like a clown shoe. I was lucky if I got 6 months out of an average pair of Asics, Reeboks or Nikes. These brands make wider widths but they don’t seem to be very common. My NB’s are cut a little wider to begin with (or so it seems) and the wider widths are just as common as the standard sizes. These new 920 (as the article states) retain less than 5% of their overall weight in water once submerged.

Don’t hold your breath for the wide size
… New Balance typically does not offer any of their “sport” shoe models in wide sizes. I have the same problem, and NB typically only offer the largest volume sellers in the wides; walking,running, etc.

I hope I am wrong and they will have them in wides, but it does not appear likely.

Wide sizes at higher price points
NB offer the wider sizes commonly on their higher end models (800 series and up, rarely below). From what I see (and buy) it’s more about that than type of shoe. Makes sense as those with less common sizes understand are more willing to pay a bit more, and the higher price point items can more easily support more size options.

If this mystery water shoe is a higher end item there is hope. If it’s more in line with there sandals and such, not likely.

I’m a pretty faithful NB 9 2E buyer - and the fit difference is worth the added cost of having to stick to the upper number series. I still have to make do with 9 1/2 Ds with some NB and most other brands.

They gave me a pair.
Really a great shoe. Actually was indifferent about it, but helped em out with something and got the shoes in return. Have grown to love them and would recommend them.

The listed retail price for the new 920 is $90. I would hope that would qualify as high end and make them available in a wide selection of widths and sizes. Thanks!

Links to info? Retailers? NM

There was a short article (in new products section) in the most recent volume of “National Geographic Adventure” and “Paddler” magazines. I haven’t found any other information anywhere else.

No references I could find on website.

Good site to buy NB
My brother told me about this site:

The prices are about the same (or a little less) as most retailers I’ve checked but there’s no tax and all shipping is free.

except the new water shoe NM

920 Water shoe
Hi - I work for NB and have some info on the water shoe. It introduced in January and will be available thru several top tier retailers in early Spring (EMS, Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, Zappos, We plan to feature the shoe on the Outdoor portion of our website in the Spring also. The shoe will be available in D & 2E for Men and B & D widths for women. The shoe is built on a last that does not currently allow for producing a good 4E width. Hope this information helps.

New Balance Shoe
I ordered today from Zappos. They were $93.00

Looks like in may now be available…

Found some 920s
I Found a pair for $89 here: