New bicycle/vehicle law in NC

Hey Kudzu: Did you see the news ?

They just revised the vehicle law in regards to “passing over the double yellow lines”.

It is now legal for “a vehicle when coming up behind a bike to pass over the double yellow lines, providing it is a straight stretch of roadway and the vehicle has a clear view and can see that there are no approaching vehicles”

A good change for all concerned in my estimation

jack L

Sounds good.

I agree. A good change to the law.
What perplexes me, is why is it that the people who wrote this law (like most folks, it seems), can’t speak accurately enough to show that they know that a no-passing zone is marked by the yellow line in your lane, and that whether or not the opposing lane is designated as a no-passing zone too (double-yellow line) is irrelevant.

I’m not complaining about what you said, Jack. You’re just quoting what the law says, but the fact is, most people all over the country make a habit of speaking as if only a double-yellow line indicates no passing, and I don’t understand why.

Hey Jack!
Yes, I think it’s a good thing for everyone. I hope word gets out to all the motorists. I wonder if this change in the law was brought about by the awful accident some months back. A woman ran over a whole pace line of cyclists rather than wait for no oncoming traffic.

You are absolutely right !
jack L

Good rule
Good to see more states doing that. Here in CT, if a vehicle cannot give at least 3 feet clearance to a bicycle, they have to stay behind it until they can grant 3 feet. Not that it gets enforced or anything….but it’s on the books.

On the other side, cyclists have to obey speed limits, traffic signals, and stop signs. Not like that gets enforced, either. Though I did once get yelled at by a state cop for doing 50 MPH in a 40 zone going down a steep hill. It was likely more about me being suicidal doing such a stunt than it was about going too fast. Not likely to do that again, because it was scary, and I was afraid to touch the brakes at that speed until the bike decelerated itself on flat pavement, and then have a cop yell at me.

And here I thought…
It being NC, and a new law, I thought this post was gonna be about allowing or not allowing boys to ride girl-style frames, and girls to ride boy-style frames.


Very good! (nm)

Sometimes I Deny Living Here

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It can be embarrassing.

Maybe we'll get the crazy 'restroom people' voted out in November.

The new law

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Kudzu, don't take this as a personal question to you.

If the new law was to address the presence of bicyclists, what about animals and maybe people without a bike, standing, or running on the side of the road. Is it still alright to run them down?

Too many drivers are of the opinion that only cars, buses, trucks and sometimes motorcycles have any business being on, or near a road, or a highway. In my state, bicycles have a right to occupy a lane, but they are not allowed to impede traffic. However, the last part of that does not give license to run over the bike and rider if they aren't going fast enough.

Yeah, I'm a bike rider and what I like the least is big trucks. It seems that all they care about is getting the front wheels past you and couldn't care less if the rest of them clear, or not.

When I See
the police passing cyclist on the double yellow it’s fair game for me to the same. My only grip is a lot of bikers here in NH are not doing the single file thing and one morning had 9 of them who refused to move out of the way giving me the finger and yelling at me when I finally passed them. I’ve come to have a healthy dislike for bikers due to this sort of stuff. I recognize the fact that they do what do kind of like me canoeing but I move out of the way for motorboats on the local river, some of these riders are just pricks.


Watch Out in NC

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The new law also gives the cyclist the right to the full lane. As a motorist you have to pass in the other lane; not squeeze by in your lane.

Bikers are not required to ride single file.

Same here
If a cyclist is taking a left turn, and there’s a left turn lane, they can take it just like a car. Done it many times. Also the reverse - if they’re going straight, and there’s a right turn lane, they can take the straight lane. Same rules as cars. Sometimes you’re safer taking the lane than staying to the side.

But the cyclists not running in single file unnecessarily does get under my skin, even though I’m a cyclist.

Same here

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on the "single file"

Besides; A pace line is as much fun as a pack

Jack L

Why ?
You should be thankful that you don’t live above the Mason Dixon Line !

Way too many laws, rules and regulations up there

Move up here to the “high country” -God’s Land; where we have clear water to paddle in, fresh air to breath and lots of beauty.

Jack L

I Love Living Here
Mountains on one side; ocean on the other side. Great bicycling right from my door.

It’s just the weird restroom law that makes NC look like a bunch of frightened hicks.

PNet brothers and sisters, I promise you NC isn’t 100% frightened hicks!

it’s never legal to run someone down
The question is whether you can cross the double yellow or not. Also, bikes are traffic, animals, fallen trees, etc. are not.

good law I suppose
I just wish that more drivers AND cyclists paid more attention to the fog line.

What’s the fog line?

Hubby says cyclists should have to
have a license on their bike and carry insurance.

He gets irritated when they don’t obey traffic laws, especially stopping for red lights same as 4 wheel vehicles, and riding in and out of traffic.

But it’s like any other sport or situation. You’ll always have those who think laws don’t pertain to them and end up giving all others in their sport a bad reputation.

Perhaps if they had a license plate, where one could write down and/or take a photo or view footage of them, it might cause offenders to think twice about their choices, no matter the sport.

Here in Michigan boaters are not supposed to make a wake within 100’ of a shoreline or dock. Rigghht! Most that I’ve seen out front of our place who do obey are young kids that have had boater safety classes. The parents? Ha! Way to go folks, but don’t be surprised when one of your young’uns gets into trouble with the law. Surely, they do watch everything you do, even if you don’t think they do. Laws are even for parents! Monkey see, monkey do.