New biz...PADL SUP rental

I learned about this new business a couple weeks ago. Wondering what people here think about whether this concept will work. Looks like they want to expand into kayaks as well. The technology is pretty cool…


Might work for Florida visitors, since that’s where all their locations are. Horrid life jacket, though. Where are the paddles?

It’s easier to get back on a SUP than a flooded short wide rec kayak.


Nice idea for resort areas. Since Padl seems semi-portable, the stations should be able to be removed during the off season reducing maintenance/exposure concerns.

There is no off season in South Florida…

I’ve launched from several of their locations. A couple of them are near pretty dangerous inlets or areas with tons of boat traffic. I’d be concerned with no one there to at least attempt to tell people where not to go and what to watch out for. Also, who would know if they didn’t come back? The boards could just be not returned properly or people could be in trouble. Also need to give them a dry bag for their phone since they’ll need it to check the equipment back in. I see lots of issues here.

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